Signed Midnight

Millie is your average girl, with a slightly above average friend. That is until something extraordinary happens to her.Her whole life is about to change for the better or worse?


11. Pawn takes Rook


My consciousness slowly drags me to the surface and I hear distant screams and I realise its not me but my mother. This also the point where I come to the startling realisation that my mother  hasn't seen me in weeks and suddenly seeing me in my bed must have come as a massive shock. 

My mother wraps me up in  a tight constricting hug. I break down in my mother's arms and she breaks with me. 



I pick a loose string on my shirt, I stop oh god why me?

"Where were you when you got kidnapped" A stern police women asks me and I stutter through my answer about going to a party with my friend which was in the woods up by the reserve. the best lie is the one closest to the truth. I can  feel the women ,Ms Abigail Adams, she said when she met me judging me. I asked the same question as well. Why would I a clearly educated girl go off into the woods.  I was stupid and reckless and maybe out of my mind because of  the women. I shouldn't blame it all on her but if I didn't have ptsd before I now have it and I might be certifiably mad as well.

"Miss can you tell us where exactly you were between the 19th of last month till today" a lump suddenly forms in my throat and I find it suddenly hard to breathe. It hits me now sitting on a black hard plastic chair across this women that I've hit rock bottom and still falling. My life will never be the same again and all because I went to that stupid, stupid part with Charlie. 

I lie to the women like I was told too by the goddess I spin a lie about how I was kidnapped and trapped in  a basement until I miraculously got out and ran until I came home. When asked about the finer details I get vague and they later chalk it up to Ptsd apparently suppressing my memories.

 I wish I could. I fear this is something I'll never forget. not whilst the goddess has me on her literal and proverbial leash.


I'm getting assigned a therapist. I need to work through my problems. I have to see him every Wednesday and Friday. My mother is told to keep a close eye on me just in case...

I fooled the police and my mom. I'll fool the therapist as well.

I cry myself to sleep.

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