Signed Midnight

Millie is your average girl, with a slightly above average friend. That is until something extraordinary happens to her.Her whole life is about to change for the better or worse?


8. Hunter's moon, the blood moon


The acrid stench of fear permeates the air making it hard to breathe.

My mind now counts the days with the scraps thrown at us, which we fight over like the rabid animals we are.

Turns out in the survival of the fittest we're not that far away from the animals we look down on. My mind has now descended into a primordial state of mind. I imagine this is what the first modern humans thought ; survive, eat, survive. don't die, don't die.

Please God let me live.

I've now found religion or a pseudo one at that. Living in a cage for weeks  does wonders for your mind frame. Some have started to descend into insanity...

'How do you know if you're insane?, Is it seeing things that aren't there?, Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time, or is it me? praying to different Gods to help me in the hopes that someone will answer my prayers. They say love is the worst feeling in the world, they are lying, its hope. When hope came out of that pandora's box it was the worst evil of all.

The moon is full tonight, I've never seen it so big and everyone knows more murders happen at the full moon. Its the Hunter's moon which it all the more ominous, when they open our cages and line us up like so much cattle. My heart starts pounding shits about to get real it seems. It takes all my strength not to bolt right then and there...

I should have.

They transformed into, theres no other word for it "werewolves" my mind supplies feverishly; all I can think is that movie 'an American werewolf in London'. It would have been beautiful how they transformed it was seamless without that gross ripping and tearing in werewolf movies. 'I used to like Jacob Black the werewolf in those twilight movies 'how wrong was I?'

Denial, denial, denial. 'how can this possibly be real?' 'oh its real' my mind supplies

This is when my brain's flight or fight response kicks as my brain folds in on itself revolting its momentous epiphany that 'We  humans are not the apex predators, the fact that we are plenty down the food chain  of course assuming other supernatural things exist.

'My God we really are going to be hunted' I feel sick how long have these things existed along side us laughing at us as we called ourselves the ultimate predators whilst they hunted us in the night. 'who would believe us anyways'.

Should I start praying to the old Gods, the Sumerian pantheon, the Greek pantheon, is Thor real should I start praying to his father Odin. I start  praying to any and all Gods even the moon and sun gods. 'I would do any and everything to get out of this alive, I swear loyalty to any that would save me'


Please Gods let me live.


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