Signed Midnight

Millie is your average girl, with a slightly above average friend. That is until something extraordinary happens to her.Her whole life is about to change for the better or worse?


7. Caged


My first thought is 'is he making a red riding hood reference?' this should show my mental state right there, obviously the women thats what I'm calling her now. I can't stand to say or even think her name.

This is all in a span of seconds, time seems to have slowed down in order to provide this, my personal horror movie in stunning hd and excruciatingly brutal detail. I'm aware of myself screaming like one would in an out of body experience and I can't quite believe this is happening to me. I figure this is what everyone who is about to get murdered thinks right before they die. My first  realisation  that I seem to have given up already.

'What is there for me anyway?' I immediately feel angry at myself for that thought, 'what am I?, some pathetic Juliet, whose life has no meaning unless Romeo is around to take care of her'. I scoff at myself I didn't even have that god I am so pathetic even my own thoughts are against me. 

My second one is that I am living in denial and refusing to face my situation. This boy, man, monster  has me over his back like a sack of potatoes like I weigh nothing, my screams and kicks don't seem to faze him at all. His friends jeer and my third realisation is that I'm not the only one. Something is stuck in my throat my fear has reached new levels of terror. 'Is this a cult, are we going to be made to do  things? Oh my god this is surreal like a Salvador Dali painting. I don't think praying to a higher will save me. Desperate times call for desperate measures, Oh God my mother is going to be so worried.

I'm thrown inside a cage. 'what am I an animal?'

There are four of us in here, I huddle in the farthest corner  just like an animal would do praying for the impossible. 


My fourth and final realisation is that I'm not going to make it out alive of this personal hell.



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