Signed Midnight

Millie is your average girl, with a slightly above average friend. That is until something extraordinary happens to her.Her whole life is about to change for the better or worse?


4. Aleksandra Belikov


I want to leave as soon and as fast as I can. Soph as well as her mother will find this suspicious the rest of the boys won't they have more important things. 

I have a  mini panic attack at the thought of everyone hearing what Nick said to me. Oh God I want to die. I feel like there is a whole where my heart used to be. Oh God I'm reciting teenage novel clichés, I hate to wake up,I have to make an excuse to leave as soon as I can, I'm not supposed to leave until tomorrow. I could weather through. No I won't  I cannot stand to be in the same room, house as Nick. Just thinking his name makes my chest ache and my throat hurts with wanting to cry.

Why he was only a crush, why do I feel so broken inside. I feel hollow like someone could blow me away.



Sitting with Soph and Elain Sophie's mother I feel relieved I haven't seen Nick at all, aside from a few glances from Elain no one says anything. I still haven't found an excuse I'm working on it.

I hear the front door open, I also hear what I have been dreading Nick...

He walks in with the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She has long fiery red hair which is tied in a high pony tail, her icy blue eyes are protected by the longest eyelashes and her porcelain completion is in contrast to her blood red cupid lips. Not only is she tall she is elegant and slim, she walks like she own the place and everyone around her. She is also dressed in leather and lace.

I do not stand a chance against her as she is elegant I am clumsy, My hope falters and dies. 

She smiles at everyone and when she looks at me her smile is taunting and cruel I don't think anyone sees I really want to leave.



The breath rushes out of me in a loud gasp as I get shoved against a tree. Aleksandra pulls my head back with my hair to get me to look at her. My mouth is dry and my heart races in terror. Why is no one coming out.

I had just left after making an excuse and Aleksandra offered to walk me and wait with me while for my taxi. I thought she was okay until she attacked me. No one will rescue me we are really far from the house . I have never hated them for having a house so far from the street as now.

"Do you really think Nick could want a thing as pathetic as you, I think he would rather have his sister than you darling  you are so far down even dirt is worth better than you" She whispers this in my ear and the words sting far more than her hurting me ever will. I struggle against her wanting her to leave me alone. I cannot escape.

"Your worthless child no wonder your father left you. I think he was disgusted with what he saw" She laughs a but it doesn't reach her eyes, they stay as cold as the Arctic. 

Her words register in my mind, how could he tell her something like that. My eyes water, Aleksandra smirks and slams me hard into the tree again. "If you ever tell anyone I will slit your throat from ear to ear" She tells me I think she means it.

The taxi arrives she twist my arm hard enough to know that she will leave bruises all over my body.

I take my things and get in the taxi murmuring my address. She smiles sweetly waving. I want to puke. I don't.




A/N sorry it turned dark. I don't know how to warn you guys, the story has turned dark on me, it will continue but it will get better I promise



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