16yrs old , Jessica (Jessie) Stanley is my name , I love art , music and sports. Im not a big fan of one direction , I move in with my dad in London, England , I go to my new school and meet a boy that is in fact in the band one direction but then realizes I'm falling for him .


5. The kiss

Jessie's POV:

"Dad I'm home !" I said in a loud voice " Jessie look who came " he said from the living room , I walked to see who it was and all I saw was harry and a lady whom I'm guessing is his mom , harry looked up and a smile spread across his face " Jessie this is Anne and her son harry " he gestured me towards them I shook their hands " Jessie go get some juice for our guest " dad commanded " sure" I got up and walked to the kitchen , I took out the glasses and went to the refrigerator , then I heard his voice coming from behind me " you know you have to do something in return ? " harry said " what are you talking about " I asked him " I rescued your life today so you have to do something in return" he said , I asked him " ok what do you want in return?" " go on a date with me " he said " that's not going to happen " I said " but you promised " he said innocently " ok fine just one date and that's it" I said in a firm tone " deal , I'll pick you up at six tomorrow " he said with a grin " tomorrow it is " I said then left the kitchen with the tray in my hand .

Harry's POV:

Today was my date with Jessie and I was pretty excited , it's 5:30 pm so I have to leave in another five minutes " have a good time " said mum " I will mum " and I left , I reached at her house at 5:50pm , I knocked on the door and her dad opened the door " come on in harry " he offered " she'll be down in a minute " he said and left the room , after a few seconds I saw Jessie walking down the stairs , WOW! She looked beautiful , she was wearing a sparkly blue tank top with some jean shorts " you ready to go " I asked her " I'm ready " she said with confidence , then we left , I took her to the finest restaurant ever , we had dinner and we both talked a lot and laughed too , I got too know her better , after dinner I took her for a stroll in the park , and I think today was the day when I tell her how I feel about her , we were walking then I came to a sudden halt " what's wrong ?" She sounded worried " Jessie there's something in need to tell you" she gestured for me to go on " I'm in love with you " she looked at me with surprise " well I actually was already in love with you from the beginning " she said and I sighed with relief but instead of talking about something else I bent down to kiss her.
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