16yrs old , Jessica (Jessie) Stanley is my name , I love art , music and sports. Im not a big fan of one direction , I move in with my dad in London, England , I go to my new school and meet a boy that is in fact in the band one direction but then realizes I'm falling for him .


1. New life

Jessie's POV:

*ring ring ring* my alarm clock went off , I shut it off and jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom I hopped into the shower for a few minutes , then brushed my teeth and went back to my room to get dressed , then to look in the mirror I just stood there for a few minutes looking at myself " man I look terrifying " I said to myself , I had jet black hair and green eyes but I was born with black hair, " glad I'm moving in with dad " I missed my dad dearly and today was the day I was going to stay with him in London , England " Jessie the taxi is here! " yelled my mom , I gathered all my bags and went downstairs , I quickly hugged my mom and step dad " now you take care of your self " my mom told me " I'll be fine " I ushered her and got into the taxi. I reached the airport 15 minutes later and checked in and everything , the I got into the plane and said " here we go " and the plane took off . *15 hours later * I reached to England and went to claim my baggage , then went outside to look for dad , then I hear someone call my name I turn around to see my dad " DADDY!!" I yell and ran towards him " how's my little girl ? " he asked " I'm ok " I answered him " how's your mother doing ?'' He asked me " she's good " was all I could say " that's good " " here lets get your stuff in the car and then we could go home" he said " ok dad" I replied and got my stuff loaded in the car and we went home.
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