16yrs old , Jessica (Jessie) Stanley is my name , I love art , music and sports. Im not a big fan of one direction , I move in with my dad in London, England , I go to my new school and meet a boy that is in fact in the band one direction but then realizes I'm falling for him .


2. Is that the new girl

Jessie's POV:

I wake the next day to get ready to go to my new school , when I'm all ready and fresh I go downstairs to eat breakfast , dad was already eating I grabbed some milk and cereal and ate dad asked " do you want me to drop you off to school today?" " yes please " I said yes because I don't know where my school is , we get into the car and head towards the school I get to school five minutes before the bell rang and headed towards my physics class " good morning class " said our physics teacher " good morning mrs Phillips " all of them said " ok class as you can see we have a new student this year " then she pointed at me , all of there heads turn towards me ' oh god ' I looked at everyone and then noticed a really good looking boy with curly hair and dimples and this boy was smiling at me and I returned a smile back to him. " ok class today we are going to work on an assignment which is due on Friday and Ill be picking your partners" so she said whos pairing up with who then I hear my name " harry you will be working with Jessie" I look up to see who this harry was and then I just realize its the same boy that was smiling at me , although I really liked his name , he got up from his seat and took a seat beside me " hi I'm harry " he introduced himself " I'm Jessica but call me Jessie " I introduced myself to him " you have a very nice name Jessie" he complimented , I've never been complimented by a boy before " thank you" I said " I like your name too" I said in a polite voice " thank you very much " then he smiled at me revealing his dimples and I smiled back
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