16yrs old , Jessica (Jessie) Stanley is my name , I love art , music and sports. Im not a big fan of one direction , I move in with my dad in London, England , I go to my new school and meet a boy that is in fact in the band one direction but then realizes I'm falling for him .


3. I think I'm in love with you

Harry's POV:

The first period bell rang , " time to go to math class" I whispered to myself , I left the class room with a frown on my face I turned around to see Jessie following me , well not following but walking the same way as me , " hey you look lost" I said " I am lost " she answered " what class are you going to ?" I asked her " I have math class right now " she answered " coincidence since I have math too, I can take you there " I offered her " ok " she accepted the offer , we started walking " so where did you move from?" I asked " I moved from New York City " she said " why move here?" I asked " well I came here to come live with my dad " I said " oh so your parents are divorced " I asked " yeah pretty much " she said looking down " I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings!!!"I apologized " but my parents too are divorced so I know how you feel " I said " well we can't control them but let's just not make them ruin our lives?" I joked she laughed , her laugh was beautiful even when she smiles she looks so beautiful then we started to get to know each other but every time she talked I would laugh " what's so funny ? " she asked " your accent is funny " I said " my American accent " I started to laugh even harder then she joined in with me we reached to class , I took a seat in my usual spot and I noticed Jessie took a seat at the very back , then the popular girls ( aka the bitches) Samantha and Maria walked in and everybody just stopped and stared at them they were walking over to Jessie who wasn't really paying attention " hey loser you are kinda sitting in our seat" said Samantha, Jessie looked up and said " does this seat have your name on it " she said in defense , whoa! Nobody has ever back fired the bitches before " excuse me ?" Said Maria " you are excused " said Jessie " look loser you have to listen to me or I'll ruin your life" said Samantha " well you are not the queen of England or president of America so why should I listen to you?" She said in a calm but firm tone , Samantha was speechless and just walked over to another table , I was laughing and I think I'm in love with Jessie.
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