16yrs old , Jessica (Jessie) Stanley is my name , I love art , music and sports. Im not a big fan of one direction , I move in with my dad in London, England , I go to my new school and meet a boy that is in fact in the band one direction but then realizes I'm falling for him .


4. I almost died

Jessie's POV:

School ended and I was feeling pretty good about myself today , I reached into my pocket to find my iPhone and headphones when I found them I started listening to some dubstep music and I turned around just to see if anyone was following me but all I see is harry , damn that boy is really good looking but he probably has no interest in a clumsy girl like me , wait why would any guy have interest in me I turned to look at him one more time but now he was looking down , then my favorite song love me like you do by justin bieber came on and I started to sing " what I'm I to do love me like you do" I sang softly but loud enough for him to hear me , I was almost at my house until I got stopped by a gang of boys they looked like as if they did weed " wow you look fine " said the older looking one " what you goin to do to her boss " said the skinny one " I could take her over to my place " said the boss , then all of them had me by the arms " LET ME GO!!!" I yelled , the boss had a knife at my throat " I don't think that's going to happen "

Harry's POV:

I heard her scream and sprang to her rescue and then I stopped , I saw Alec and his gang , Alec had a knife at her throat and the others had trapped her , I stepped into the opening and said " let the girl go " " oh who bought the muscle to the party " Alec said sarcastically , " take another step and she shall die " he threatened , I stood there for one second and looked at Jessie's face , I could see she was frightend , then I started running and began to beat the crap out of him , my face was red from anger and after him I took down the other boys , when I was done I looked at her , she was on her knees face filled with shock " how did you know I was being threatend ?" She asked me " I heard your scream " I answered her " thank you for saving me " she said " your welcome " then I turned and left .
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