Immortally Abducted

Lavender Bay has been labeled as the suburban dream; pristine blue skies, friendly neighborhoods, and excellent school districts. Suddenly, Lavender bay is struck by a devastating scandal; teens and young adults have been reported missing. Avery has always been on the outside cusp of the social loop. But when she was affected personally by this tragedy, she makes it her mission to discover the cause of this terror that is ripping the towns apart. But will Avery's encounter with a mysterious stranger distract her, or bring her closer to the source.


2. Chapter 2

I feel my body lifted, to another place. I here the sound of scuffling shoes, and the loud boom of closing lockers. Shivers brush up and down my spine. A cool wind sweeps past, steering me in the direction of which it was traveling. The view is blurred and splattered with light, only shadowy figures remain. Suddenly, the figures sharpen and I recognize the bright red hair that can only belong to one person- Blaire. She seems as happy ever. Then suddenly a new character appears. At first I don't realize who the golden locks belong to; Cynthia. More people begin to gather around; some I recognize, some I have only seen glimpses of in the halls.  Jacob, Karmin, Henry; the mathlete, Julia; the gymnast, Connor; the chemist. More and more people; specifically, victims. A smile find a smile beginning to emerge among my otherwise emotionless face. Blaire glares back at me with green eyes like daggers. Her smile fades as her pupils dilate. I see her lip quiver as she glances back at Cynthia; also with a scared expression. Cynthia reaches for a scream but no sound comes out. I hear a heard of footsteps, a roars of plastic sneakers and leather boots. They run toward me, the victims, but none of them get any closer. They begin to fade away becoming only a memory. They disappear one by one, in order of which they were taken away. Cynthia and Blaire were the only two that remain. They looked back at each other, then at me. For the last moment I saw the fair in their eyes. What scares me is that I had never seen it before. Soon, I see Cynthia dissolve into the glowing light background. Blaire shoots me a look I have only seen once; when she thought she was going to be disqualified from an art competition, I took the blame. That same fear was only greater now; being disqualified from the life she had always known. SHe lets out a sharp, blood-currtling scream. The was gone.

My vision returned to me, with a scream of my own. A small family of birds flew from their hidden home in my tree. I face forward to the plain white doors slightly ajar. Usually my curiosity gets the better of me, but I resist the urge the place my sweaty right palm on my corresponding temple. I tightly shut my eyes; hoping to erase the nightmare that has shaken me to my very core. I suddenly flash back into reality by the sound of a snapping twig at the trunk of the tree. I jerk my body to see the source of the sound.

I was prepared to see a squirrel, rabbit, or some other small rodent. But what I find is nothing of the sort. He stares back at me, like he is waiting for me to make the first move. I try but his eyes captivate me. I have seen like brown eyes before, but never like this. Bright, round, and full; the color of amber, more like gold. 

"Uuhh...  I, I..." I stutter. "May I help you." the words are hard to find, but come out sounding slightly annoyed. But that feeling is fear and uncertainty.

"No, I just heard you scream. And I wanted to see if you were ok." His voice is think and deep, running out of his mouth like butter; with the perfect amount of rasp. 

"Uhmm, no I am ok. Thanks for checking." I flash a small smile. What was I supposed to say? 'I'm fine I just had a mid-day nightmare about losing my best friend to this kidnap conspiracy'

"OK. See ya around then." His gives a small waves, signally his departure. I see him turn toward the street, and begin to walk away. He seems a little disappointed. Maybe I shouldn't have been so crass. I hardly know him, I don't even recognize him.

"Hey! Wait, how am I going to see you again if I don't know your name, let alone where to find you?" I say trying to turn on my very little charm. I slightly raise my eyebrow to show that I am wanting an answer. He turns around to meet my eyes. Before he begins to speak he smiles and lets out a small chuckle, facing the ground. 

"It's Mason. 4369 West Hartford Avenue. What about you?" West Hartford, thats only a block away. Why have I never seen him before?

"Avery, and I live here," gesturing to the blue house to my left. Not my best move, but I barely had any at all. "Why have I never seen you around before?" I could tell my curiosity had returned. He seemed a bit dazed at first, and confused.

"I just moved here from out of state. I was taking a walk around the neighbor hood, when I heard a damsel in distress," referring to my scream, which of course he heard that from a block away. "So as the hero I am, I dashed to your rescue." He gave me a cheeky smile and an audacious wink. It made me giggle.

"My hero." I said with a sarcastic tone. The wind had brushed a strand of my hair into to my face. i immediately tucked the hair behind my ear, showing off my face. I never thought I could be flirty. But how could I not, just looking at him made my heart melt. For a while we just stared at each other, not feeling awkward until I checked my watch.

5:00 pm I had been asleep for an hour and a half.

"Now, I have to go," I say jumping down from my perch. "Will I see you later?" I walk slowly toward the double door.

"Definitely." He says with a wink. Then walking toward the road I laughed as he danced away. HE looked back at me to see of I was still standing at the trunk of my tree, which I was. With another wave I head into the house.

I immediately ran upstairs and into my room. I closed the door and jumped on to my bed, finally feeling like a teenage girl for once. I closed my eyes and thought about what just happened. All I could think about was him. And, for once in a long time, my mind was taken away from the town scandal. But I can't let the mysterious Mason get in my way.


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