His mistake is now My life

Rose is an average girl with 2 best friends but when she is invited to a party with her friends will her life change? what should she expect? would he care? or will he leave? how will she react?


7. Thoughts

Roses POV

I dont think if I can do this. Be a mother in high school. The father wants to help and so does Louis, but I cant let them take such responsiblilty. I got myself into this, I didnt stop Harry that night. I have to get a damn job and probably drop out of school to raise the baby. I cant ask my mother for any more help, shes stressed with work and now I brought this to her. I cant. I just cant. These thoughts ran through my mind all night not allowing me to sleep. Louis dropped me off around 6:50pm and its 3:14 am. I have 2 hours left until I have to wake up. I'm not getting any sleep tonight...maybe I can stay home and clear my thoughs. Maybe even apply for jobs. All night I thought about the baby, Louis, Harry and myself.


Louis' POV

Rose. She seems lost and confused, I know this is too much for her and I want to help but will she let me? She wont even let Harry help unless someone begs her. I really want to be there for her, shes too young to be a mother and shes so innocent. If Harry didnt have to be such a jerk , she would have been enjoying her night. Ibet we wouldnt have been shopping for the baby if it wasnt for Harry. I need to help Rose. And I will, before Harry. He will just mess things up even more. And if he does fix things then he will try to be with Rose just so he wont seem like the bad guy. Rose will get hurt and I cant stand the thought of that. She needs someone that will treat her right. Someone that will be there fro her AND the baby. Someone that can provide for her, I know she doesnt want to do this ...especially not alone. And she wont have to, she has me.


Harry's POV

God why am I such a dick? Another night with out sleep, ever since I found out about Rose I havent been able to sleep. She runs through my mind constantly, everything I have done to her, all the trouble I have caused her family just for one night of pleasure. She needs someone there for her, and I cant be that person. I'm not good enough to be part of her life or the baby's, all I can do is help her through the pregnancy and hope that I change... for her sake and my possible baby girl or baby boy. I cant believe I'm going to be a father, I created another person, a little breathing human being. I want to be the one that takes care of Rose while she is pregant, and after the baby is born..maybe , just maybe I will actually grow feelings for Rose and she will grow feelings for me and we can be a family. I hope that maybe one day she will give me a chance, but with everything that I have done , she most likely wont.....




{Authors Note; I know some of you may have stopped reading this or even forgot about this story. But after reading all your comments I feel bad and I have decided to continue this story. Only if you guys still want me too. I was going to write a Punk Harry Fanfic for you guys but that one can wait..or I can wirte both. Idk yet lol.. so yeah this is a short update.

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