His mistake is now My life

Rose is an average girl with 2 best friends but when she is invited to a party with her friends will her life change? what should she expect? would he care? or will he leave? how will she react?


6. Shopping with Louis

After school Louis was waiting for me at my locker and we were off to the stores.we passed a couple of small stores which i wanted to visit but Louis just kept driving. We finally arrived at a small mall the looked very expensive."ready love?" Louis asked " yeah i guess" honestly i didnt want to be here i wanted to be home filling out the application but obviously that wasn't my choice.

We entered a cute vintage baby store , i looked at Louis who had a huge grin on his face. I wanted to laugh because Louis actually wanted to shop for a baby. I felt him staring at me and it felt very awkward so i started roaming around looking for clothes .

Louis' POV

She started walking around looking at a couple of things probably things she didn't need but i didn't bother her. She looked at me every couple of minutes i didn't understand why until i realized i was still standing by the entrance. I went to the baby clothes and i thought about how rose still didn't the the gender of the baby.

"Louis i need help" she called glancing at me. I ran over to help her but she didn't have anything in her hand." What do you need help with?" I asked "the crib at top if the shelf," i looked up and saw a box with a picture of a black crib. I slowly pulled it towards the me and picked it up, it was quite heavy." Thanks." She smiled at me and then went to another aisle . I saw a couple looking around and the women was pregnant , i started to think if harry would try to be with rose . Or if i would be better for her.

"C'mon Lou I'm ready to go" she was already by the register so i walked quickly and helped her with the crib. "when are you going to find out the gender?" "Soon hopefully. i need to get baby clothes," she smiled a bit "i want harry to go when i find out what the baby is , its also his baby." I wanted to ask her if i could go but we were only just friends even though i think i might like her a little more that just a friend.

When we were walking out I watched her walk, she looked cute woddling like a penguin. I looked down smiling at myself.

Rose's POV

We were headed to the food court I was starving. I couldn't decide whether I wanted Taco Bell or McDonalds."Lou what do you want to eat?" "Anything you want love." I felt my cheeks get warm when he called me love. But i remembered he's British , most of them say love. I walked over to Taco Bell and ordered nachos, 2 soft tacos, and a large soda then Louis ordered 2 hard she'll tacos.

We went to find a seat, when we did i sat down comfortably and relaxed realizing i had gotten what i needed most. Then the lady at the counter called but when i tried greeting up Louis was already there. He was walking back with a huge smile on his face. I always thought he was cute but never spoke to him until now.

He sat down, handed me my food and then began to eat his. I was staring at him as he was eating ,my eyes were wide. I was surprised to see him eat so fast. He looked up at me with an innocent face, i giggled. He had taco sauce on the corner of his lips and i leaned over the table and wiped it off. I smiled and began to eat my food .

Louis' POV

My stomach was full of butterflies at the touch of her fingers close to my lips. I felt my cheeks get warm but she didnt notice i was blushing. When she smiled at me i couldn't help but smile too . I felt happy around her. She was just beautiful. Her eyes were a light shade of hazel, she had long dark brown hair that made big curls, her lips were full and were a bright shade of pink, they were perfect for her tan skin. Why didnt i notice her before?why didnt i talk to her before harry?

"Lou," she began, i looked up realizing i was staring at her." Yes..." " what were you thinking about?" I wanted to tell her that i liked her but we just started to hang out." School stuff" i lied. "You were in deep thought." She smiled and looked down at her food. Her smile made me feel happy, i definitely wanted to be more than friends.


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