His mistake is now My life

Rose is an average girl with 2 best friends but when she is invited to a party with her friends will her life change? what should she expect? would he care? or will he leave? how will she react?


4. Protective

That night when I got home and I took a relaxing shower now that the worst part of the pregnancy was over, I can finally relax. I couldn’t stop thinking about harry helping out with the baby, I still wasn’t ready to have a baby but I wasn’t going to give him or her up. I was attached to this baby, I loved him/her more than anyone else.

My mom came inside my room about 15 minutes after I was done taking a shower. She wanted to talk to me, it seemed important.” Rose, if you’re going to keep this baby you’re going to need a job.” “I know I’m going to the candy shop to get an application.” “I also want to meet the father, I need to know if he’s going to be in the baby’s life.” I nodded, she got up and went to bed. How was I going to tell harry that my mother wants to meet him. He acted like he cared a little bit for the baby, but now he had to meet my mother. I couldn’t bare to think of his reaction, I have to face him tomorrow.

The next day, I was sitting on a bench waiting for harry to get to school. I always thought he came to school with his friends but in reality he comes alone. I saw him walking towards the entrance and ran to him. “Don’t run you can get hurt”. “I’ll be fine” “I don’t want you to get hurt” “like I said I’ll be fine, can I ask you a question?” “Sure love” “would you like to meet my mother?” “Wouldn’t that be weird?” “She wants to meet you ““okay, I’ll go over later” his reaction caught me by surprise. “Okay well I’ll text you my address later.” My day went pretty well, no one noticed that my belly was getting a little bigger each day. I only had a few more weeks until my stomach would be showing a perfect bump.

In 3rd period I got a new chemistry partner, he happens to be one of harry’s friends. Niall Horan, he was a bit quiet for the first couple of minutes in class. When we were assigned to our project he had problem instructing me on how we were going to do it. I stayed quiet for most of the time until he asked me about the baby. I looked at him confused. “Harry asked me to check up on you and the baby”. I didn’t know what to say. “Why does harry care?” “He told you he was going to be there for the baby right?” “Well yeah, but---“I was interrupted “well he wants to know how the baby is doing” “the baby is great,” “okay that’s all I needed to know”. Our conversation soon ended.

After class I went to my locker and found harry standing nearby. “How was class?” “Class was fine, why?” I asked. “I cant simply ask how class went” “get to the point I have to pick up and application.”  I started walking towards the exit. “why do you need an application?”  “I need a job , of course” he stopped me when I was about 10 feet away from the door. “you cant get a job. Your pregnant.” “I’m aware of that but I need a job.” “ I work in a bakery, I’ll pay for anything you need.” “thanks but I already told my mom I was getting a job.” “ maybe we can talk to her later.” “okay fine” he walked to 4th period and told me to be careful a bunch of times. I know I wanted him to be part of the baby’s life but he was getting too protective.

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