His mistake is now My life

Rose is an average girl with 2 best friends but when she is invited to a party with her friends will her life change? what should she expect? would he care? or will he leave? how will she react?


2. i couldnt believe it

After a couple of weeks, I was feeling sick and I was throwing up every morning. Roxanne thought it was just a stomach virus and honestly I thought that too. But when I went to see my doctor he told me I didn’t have a virus , I couldn’t be pregnant . I knew that harry used protection, I knew it wasn’t possible so I didn’t take a test. I went to school like I would every day but Lila told me I was gaining a few pounds ,I could tell she wasn’t trying to be rude or anything but I hadn’t been eating any different than before. I still ate very little every day.

Roxanne suggested I take a test to see if there was any possibility that I was pregnant, I refused. I couldn’t help thinking about it during school. All day the thought about having a baby went through my mind. When it was time to go home Lila offered me a ride home, I told her I wanted to walk home today. She agreed to letting me walk, I mean she had no other choice. On my way home I stopped by the women’s clinic to get a test taken. I went home right after I took it; they said they would most likely call me the next day.

When I got home I didn’t talk to anyone, not even my mom. I went straight to my room and laid in bed, my phone started buzzin’. I was nervous to answer but I did, it was a nurse from the clinic. She told me………….. I WAS PREGNANT. I couldn’t believe this; I was going to have a baby in high school and not just any guy’s baby. Harry Styles baby, I wasn’t going to tell him. I wasn’t going to tell anyone and that includes Lila and Roxanne.

I went to school that day by myself, even though Lila and Roxanne tried talking to me. I didn’t talk to them for a while, but in 5th period I started crying. Everyone looked at me and they were just staring, I got up and left the classroom. I sat down by my locker, but then I heard a voice asking me what’s wrong. I looked up and saw harry standing over me.

“What’s wrong?”

I didn’t answer.

“Just because we never talk doesn’t mean you can’t tell me why you’re crying.”

“Why would you care?” I got up and walked away. I hated him; I never wanted to see him again. It wasn’t his fault I should’ve been on the pill.  My friends caught up to me when I was walking back to class and demanded me to explain why I was crying. I looked at them and walked away slowly. “You’re not going to deal with whatever you’re already dealing with alone” Lila said. “It’s nothing, okay?” “Tell us, maybe we can help.” At that moment I started to cry, I wanted to die. Knowing that I was going to be a mother in high school, with the father being a complete jerk. “ I’m p-pregn—“ the words didn’t come out. “what?” Roxanne asked . “ I’m pregnant.”. their faces were shocked and sad. “who’s the father?” “ harry.” I couldn’t believe the words pregnant and harry were coming out of my mouth.


sorry its short next one will be way better

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