The Life of a Surprise

Cosette is a normal 16 year old girl, well not normal. She's a champion at beach volleyball alongside her partner and BFF Libby, she's an amazing singer, amazing actor, oh and she fangirls over a certain boyband... One Direction, her favorite of course is Liam. When she writes to Liam expressing her faithfullness to the band and him on Valentine's day, she doesn't expect anything back. A few weeks later she gets a call from Liam and asking for conformation on tickets for her. A week later Cosette receives a package in the mail. Three tickets, meet-and-greet passes, and soundcheck passes to One Directions concert in Miami, Florida. When Cosette's mom, Cosette, and Libby meet One Direction, it's love at first sight between Liam and Cosette. Will they be able to be together through the battles of papparazzi, seperatness, and the other girls trying to win over Liam. FInd out in this new romance, fanfic, The Life of a Surprise.


2. Valentine's Surprise

Cosette's POV

"Cosette, I'm going to take a shower so if you want to get up now, you can." I open an eye and see Elle standing over me. I groan and turn over in response. "Sleep in it is." Elle leans over and kisses my head.

20 Minutes Later

"Cosette, I'm out of the shower! Time to wake up." Elle yells from her bathroom and I groan yet again. I sit up and look around, I could still some of the Jasmine from last night, but oddly not the lavender. I pick up my sweatshirt thats on the ground and put it on. I move my legs over to the side of my bed and stand up and stretch. I hear my back crack and it felt extremly good. My icicle lights were still plugged in, so I unplugged them and stood in the center of the room, trying to wake up. I walk downstairs and see in the spirit of Valentines day George has made pancakes in the shape of hearts. I quickly eat the pancakes and drink some Sunny D. I run upstairs to get ready. When I get in my room and close my door so I could change. I strip down until I'm completely in the nude, I grab my black, lace undies and cheetah bra from the top drawer, skinny jeans from the bottom drawer, and pink blouse from my closet and set all of it on my bed.

"Hey perv, you up yet?" I call and hear the window open, I walk over to my curtains and peer out the crack seeing Nathan standing in the window in the nude. His dick just hanged there. I bit my lip preparing myself to open the curtains.


Nathan's POV

"What do you want Cosette?" Cosette interrupted as I was about to go put on my underwear, so I walked in the nude to my window. Cosette opened her curtains and she was naked, her perfectly shaped body standing in the window, her C Cup tits right there. My mouth dropped open in awe. I've never seen anything so perfect before!

"I've made up my mine. I have decided that after school you can come over and have sex with me. My parents are having makeup sex at a hotel tonight after the fight they had this morning, so you can come over." I smiled and Cosette closed her curtains.

'YES!!!!! I finally got Cosette to agree to sex with me!'


Cosette's POV

Ok I guess I only agreed to sex because I could get Nathan off my back. I pull on my undies and bra and apply the lavender deodorant. I pull on my jeans and brushed my teeth with the minty toothpaste. I  put on a white spagehtti strap tank top and and tuck it into my pants, then I pull the see through pink blouse over my head and go into my vanity to finish getting ready. I brushed out my hair and did the waterfall braid.

"Hey Mom, how much time do I have until I have to leave for school?"

"Sweety you have five minutes."

"Shit." I mumbled. I run into my room and put my ankle socks, tucking my skinny jeans into them, I quickly pulled on my knee-high equastrian styled boots. I check my clock and see that I have three minutes left. I run into the bathroom and quickly swipe on my Define-a-Lash Mascara by Mabaline and black eyeliner, leaving a tail on both sides for extra sexy. I put my blush, foundation, and earrings into an emergency makeup bag. I quickly spritzed my Pink Fresh and Clean perfume on myself. I grabbed my floral scarf and wrapped it around my neck and quickly buttoned my black peacoat. I slung my black and white designed backpack with pink zippers over my shoulder. I grabbed my phone and lanyerd with my car keys on it and ran out of my room.

"Hey Hun! Quick kiss goodbye?" George stood in the kitchen waiting for me. I ran over and let him kiss me on the cheek.

"By George!" I ran to the door that led into the garage and opened the garage at the end of the three car garage. I climb into my red Chevrolet Sonic threw my backpack on the passenger seat and buckle up. I put the key into the ignition and turned the car on while turning on my phone. I hear the familiar chime as I back out of the driveway and start my journey to school.

I turn on Capital 106.3 and hear Halo. I sing along with the radio as I get on the highway. I get off an exit early and find the post office. I park in the parking lot and check my phone to see the time, 9:10, I only have ten minutes until school starts. I grab my wallet from my backpack and get out of the car. Closing the door and locking my car, I run up the stairs. I get up to the counter and hand the guy the envelope.

"How fast do you need this to get where it needs to go?" The guy looked really tired.

"Um, today?" I hurdly tell him.

"Ten dollars and 97 cents." He holds out his hand. I quickly hand him eleven dollars and turn on my heel.

"Maam, you're change!"

"You can keep it." I quickly walk out the door and get in my car and drive to school. I grab my backpack and ran inside slipping a little on a patch of ice. I quickly throw my backpack in my locker and see other kids walk to class, seeing that I have six minutes until class, I slow down a little, but I throw my coat and scarf into my locker andshove my iPhone 5 into my back pocket. I grab my English binder and pile my planner, The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks, and my pencil bag ontop. I hear a breath and turn, seeing Nathan leaning against the locker next to mine.

"Hey babe, what should I bring tonight?" Nathan bites his lower lip to seduce me.

"Whatever you think is necessary." I roll my eyes and stuff my emergency makeup bag into my English binder.


Nathan's POV

I could tell Cosette was in a hurry to calm her down i hugged her from behind and burried my head in her shoulder kissing her neck and inhalling her perfume. I could feel her cheek muscles form a smile and I continue kissing her neck and collarbone.

"You really need to relax. Sex tonight will go smoothly, I promise! I've done this a million times, I'm a pro."


Cosette's POV

Nathan got me to relax when he said that things would go smoothly. The first time I had sex didn't go well and Nate is my second time.

I smiled letting his kisses overwhelm me. His leaned up against me and I could feel his dick moving like crazy. It surprisingly felt terrific.

"Come Nate we'll be late to class." Nathan let go, kissed me on the cheek, and hurried off to class. I quickly walked to English which was down at the end of the hall. I had a minute left, so I quickly applied my makeup and put in my earrings. I sat in the back with Libby so I quickly pulled out my phone and turned it on virbrate.


Libby's POV

I was waiting for Cosette to walk into the classroom, she was never late, and there was two minutes until the bell rang. Cosette hurried into the classroom, sat down and started applying foundation. After she was finished I leaned over to talk to her.

"Hey, where were you? You're never late for class."

"Libby, I was at my locker. George made a big breakfast this morning and wouldn't let me leave until I finished it all." Cosette turned toward me and she looked absolutely stunning in her skinny jeans, pink blouse, and equastrian styled boots.

"Was that all that held you up? You know I went out to get a drink from the waterfountain and saw Nathan Bridges leaning up against you and you were smiling! Last night you said he was a perv and now you're letting him lean on you?" I raised my eyebrow. Cosette took a deep breath and leaned closer to me.

"Ok to get Nathan off my back about wanting to bang me, I agreed to it and only tonight will it happen, there's nothing going on, no chemistry, no nothing, I promise! He's just making a big deal about it." Cosette frowned and sighed sitting up straight and turning toward Mr. Brihges.


I grabbed a Little Ceasers Pizza Slice and walked over to the smoothies with my tray, trailing behind Cosette.

"Cosette, you're really going to do it with him?" I whisper in her ear.

"Yes and seriously stop worrying about it! It's like you're making a big deal about me having, wait a minute. Libs did you wanna do it with him." Cosette raised an eyebrow at me.

"Oh God no!" I grabbed my smoothie and sat down at an open booth. Before I could say anything else, none other than Nathan Bridges is walking towards us. I frown in disgust at him and sip my smoothie.


Nathan's POV

I walk up to Cosette at her booth and see that Libby, my ex-girlfriend, is sitting with her.

"Hey beautiful!" I kiss Cosette's cheek and slide in next to her, putting my arm around her.

"Oh hey Nate! Nate have you met Libby?" I bite my lip worried, but whatever.

"Actually Cosette, Libby and I dated when she was in 9th grade and I was in 11th grade." I watched Cosette as she processed it, then a subtle expression landed on her face.

"So pretty much you dated Libs last year? And what made you two break up?" I looked at Libby and her face turned as red as her hair.

"Well I have to go get something to eat and I'm gonna go sit with Mark and the other football guys, by Hottie!" I kissed Cosette on the lips and walked away.


Cosette's POV

"And why didn't you tell me that you dated Nate?" I raised my eyebrow and took a sip of my smoothie.

"Cause I knew you would've made a joke about me and Nathan." Libs took a bite of her pizza.

"So, um, what made you two brake up?" Libs chooked on her pizza and spit it out on her napkin, walked over to the trash can, and sat back down on her seat and took a deep breath.

"Well Nate asked if we could have sex on his birthday. And to make him happy, of course I said yes. Anyway I told my parents I was going to your house for a weekend sleepover and not to call. Really I was with Nathan. He had ordered a hotel suite and pampered me. We had sex every night. There was a snowday Monday and Nathan wanted more, so I called my parents saying that I was staying over a little longer. We had sex on Monday, but then in the middle of the I got sick and threw up. Multiple times during the night I threw up. I guess it was a good thing that we had a snowday on Tuesday to. Nathsn drove to the local pharmacy store in a frenzy and got me the pregency test. And when I took it... it was positive." Libs eyes were red and puffy from her continous crying and put my hand to my mouth in astonishment when Libs told me that she had been pregnent.

"What did you do then?" I lean forward showing Libby that she has my full attention.

"Well, then I grabbed my stuff and left. I went to my parents house and they asked me where I was. I told them the truth and they were silent at first, but happy that I told them. They asked me if I wanted to keep it and well, I said yes." Libs blushed and looked ashamed.

"What a minute let was why you always wore huge sweatshirts and never did anything in P.E.?" I pointed my fork from my salad at Libs and she nodded her head. I leaned back on the booth and processed everything she said. "So that was why you left a month early for summer break?"

"Yes, I was almost six months in by then. I had the baby in August, she was a premie. I gave her to a really nice family and I get to see her every year on her birthday now. PLus they send me letters and pictures." I nod my head and stand up, cross over to Libby's side and give her a hug.

"You know you could've told me right? I would've understood." Libby smiled and hugged me back. We stood and threw our trash away. The bell rang at that time and we walked off to our next class.


I got to my locker after the last bell of the day rang and was putting my stuff away when Nate surprised me from behind.


Nathan's POV

"Hey babe, how are you?" I hugged Cosette and moved my hands up and down her torso. I had gotten to her tits when she had everything in her bag and closed her locker. She turned around and kissed me.

"You ready?" I simply nodded my to shell-shocked from the kiss. Cosette grabbed my hand and led me to her car.

The car ride was quiet, but Cosette allowed me to move my hand up and down her leg. I was getting really close to her privates when we arrived at her house. She led me to her room.

"Do whatever you need to do, I will be in the bathroom getting ready." Cosette left for the bathroom and I walked into her room. It was getting dark outside so I closed the shade and turned in her icicle lights. I stripped down to my underwear and scattered rose petals all over her room. After spraying a Vanilla perfume she had on her armoir and putting on some romance music I layed on her bed in a sexy position. Five minutes later Cosette came out and leaned against the wall wearing pink v-string panties and pink matching lingerie. She looked really sexy and her hair was ruffled and wild. She licked her lips and I started to get crazy in my dick.

"So Nathan, do you want to play the smooth way or the hard way." I smiled and made a feisty look on my face.

"The hard way." I lept off the bed and ran towards her, she started to run away but I grabbed her waist and put her on in front of me, piggy-back style. I started kissing her fearsly, sucking on her collarbone, most likely giving her a hickey. I threw her done on the bed and layed on top. I rubbed her boobs and took off the lingerie and panties and she was completely naked. I sucked on her nipples and she moaned in pleasure. I fingered her pussy and thrust my finger in making her go crazy.

"I.. want.. all... of.. you!!!" Cosette could barely say anything. I took off my underwear and just as I was about to put my dick in her pussy, I heard her garage door.


Cosette's POV

"Shit!" I pushed Nathan off of me.

"What should we do?" Nathan looked really panicked.

"First off all put on your underwear. Second is your window open?" Nathan looked at me weird then nodded his head yes, while putting on his underwear. "Ok you need to throw your stuff into your window." I shoved his clothes in his backpack and shoved him towards the window.

Nathan threw his backpack across into his window while I turned off the music and icicle lights. I turn and see Nathan standing looking panicked.

"What the hell are you doing?! Jump across!" I point towards the window and turn on my lights.

"Are you fucking kidding me? NO!" Nathan yelled at me while I was putting on my underwear.

"Jump now or so help me I will push you out of the damn window!" I yell walking towards him as I hear my parents voices downstairs. I get close enough to push him, but he jumps instead. He almost made it, I thougt he was going to fall, but his hands caught the window sill. I didn't bother to see if he made it in as I closed the window and curtains. I quickly pulled on the rest of my clothes and started to clean up the room. I cleaned up my bed and thought I was done when I saw the rose pedals. My parents were coming up the stairs, so I quickly ran around the room and picked up the petals. I look at them in my hands not knowing what to do. I quickly open my window, the same one Nathan jumped out of earlier, and threw them out. I closed the window and curtains and ran for the bathroom to clean myself up. I flush the toliet and step out into my room, I hear a knock on my door and run for my desk, grabbing for my backpack.

"Honey? May we come in?" I could her the chipper side of my mom's voice as I pulled out my math home work and grabbed a pencil.

"Sure thing Mom." I start working on the 16th problem, good thing Mr. Gerste assigned only even problems and I had study hall earlier. My parents walked in, arm-in-arm and stopped at my desk. They were both smiling.

"How's your homework going, darling?" George smiled.

"Oh it's going great George. Why are you guys in here?" I raise my eyebrow.

"Well sweety, I don't really know." Elle kissed me on the cheek and left with George trailing her. I finished my math which was the only homework I had. I was so tired that I didn't remember turning off the lights, pulling back the covers, and falling asleep.




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