The Life of a Surprise

Cosette is a normal 16 year old girl, well not normal. She's a champion at beach volleyball alongside her partner and BFF Libby, she's an amazing singer, amazing actor, oh and she fangirls over a certain boyband... One Direction, her favorite of course is Liam. When she writes to Liam expressing her faithfullness to the band and him on Valentine's day, she doesn't expect anything back. A few weeks later she gets a call from Liam and asking for conformation on tickets for her. A week later Cosette receives a package in the mail. Three tickets, meet-and-greet passes, and soundcheck passes to One Directions concert in Miami, Florida. When Cosette's mom, Cosette, and Libby meet One Direction, it's love at first sight between Liam and Cosette. Will they be able to be together through the battles of papparazzi, seperatness, and the other girls trying to win over Liam. FInd out in this new romance, fanfic, The Life of a Surprise.


3. Liam's Call

Cosette's POV

I don't know how long I was sleeping, but I woke up at 11:30 and see that the light on my iPhone 5 is flashing. I pick it up and examine my phone, marveling over getting it since I finally convinced my parents to buy me one. Of course since my parents spent so much money on the phone, I bought the case. Of course it's a case that looks like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. I slide the unlock, type in my passcode, and One New Message pops up on the screen. I click on it. The sender is an on known number, but as I start reading through it, my heart starts beating faster and faster. I look at the bubble the message is in over and over again processing what I was seeing.

Hello Cosette, my name is Liam Payne. You sent me a letter for Valentine's day and it touched my heart so much that I had to talk to you. Anyway I'm dying to meet you in person because you sound like such a lovely person. If you could call me at the number I texted you at to confirm that it is you. I would like to send you tickets for one of the concerts. I did relalize though that you are from Iowa, so would it be ok if the concert place is far from where you are? Or do you have to go to concerts near your state? So call me, ok? Love, Liam

I could not believe that Liam texted me! Well I guess I could, but still! I quickly saved his number in my contacts and dialed the number. The phone rang and rang and rang and went to answering machine. I frowned in disappointment, but I still left him a message saying that I called him. I put my iPhone in my back pocket and quietly walked downstairs to get something to eat. After eating a leftover pizza from the fridge, I walked upstairs and went through my ritual after putting on my pajamas. I didn't see anything that night, I guess I couldn't get Liam out of my thoughts or Nathan. Oh God that's going to be a pain tomorrow!

As I set on decided whether to go to sleep or wait for Liam to call, I looked around my room, taking in the details.

Against the wall thats on the left side of the wall with the windows was my Chic Sleigh Bed covered over with the Rufflicious Quilt and Sham of course in the black and white design which is coronated along with the Damask Duvet Cover and Pillowcases that go on my pillows and three needlepoint pillows that I stitched last year in sewing, that each have one letter displayed in a row, they look like cdw, but really they stand for my initials. Cosette Diana Williams. Next to my bed was a white Chic Bedside Table with boxes standing ontop of each other under the stand, a Dress Frame Jewlery Holder fraught with jewlery, and a Bottle It Bedside Lamp and Shade full of seashells that my parents had from their honeymoon in Hawaii two years ago. Next to the bed and bedside table is an Elsie Bookcase full of my books that I've had since 6th grade and other items. I turn and face the next wall, which didn't have much just a closet and Chelsea Desk and Hutch covered in open books, papers, pencils, and the only thing neat was a pile of my art sketchbooks and colored pencils in jar behind them. My laptop was in the middle of all the chaos sitting and waiting for the next time I use it.

'I should probably clean up my desk sometime, maybe tomorrow, or the day after that, or...' I bit my lip, holding back my laughter.

 The hall was next but it was only covered in pictures from past vacations, posters from dances, plays, or musicals I've been in, Playbills and tickets from shows I saw at the Civic Center, more pictures of my friends and I, and my absolute favorite, a movie Poster of Les Mis, signed by the actors that were in the movie, it was framed. I turn toward my other wall, which had an armoir and sheevles built on the walls. I had a couple beanbags on the floor and a butterfly chair in the corner. As I finished my turning it was 11:46 pm. I decided he wasn't going to call, so I turned off my light, put on the icicle lights, put my iPhone on the bedside table, pulled back the covers, and went to bed.


I screamed and fell out of bed with some of my sheets coming with me.

"Damn! That fuckin hurt!' I rubbed my head and made a pouty face, then tried to climb over the sheets that had fallen. I eventually got to the bed and ran across it on a fours reaching for my phone. I picked it up and quickly pressed answer before it went to answering machine.

"Hello?" I stand on my bed with one hand holding my iPhone to my ear and the other one rubbing my eyes awake then touching the ceiling.

'Who the hell is calling at 11:58 pm?! Are they crazy???'

"Um hi." A raspy, husky, yet sexy voice answered on the other end.

"Who the hell are you and why are you calling me at 11:58 at night? I have school tomorrow ya know?" I stood on the edge of my bed leaning back then forward on my feet.

"Oh I'm really sorry, I thought it was a later time, I totally forgot you're not in the time zone I'm in." I rolled my eyes.

"So who are you?" I leaned forward back on my feet, pushing the weight to my heels and the person aswered when I leaned forward, putting all the weight on my toes.

 "Yeah, this is Liam, Liam Payne." I screamed and fell forward waving my arms around, still holding my phone, and landing face flat on the floor.

"Ouch! My noes hurts, wait no now my torso, nope now wait never mind I'm not going to say that." A heard a cough on the other end of the line and put the phone back to my ear.

"Are you ok?" Liam sounded worried and I was happy with that.

"Oh I'm fine, I just fall off my bed standing up and talking to people on the phone at 12 in the morning." I narrowed my eyes.

"Oh woops should I call back later?"

"Yes, please. Say in eight hours?"

"Alright I'll call you in eight hours. I hope you didn't hurt yourself to bad. Bye love!" Liam hung up, and then I realized how much I hurt. I walked over to my vanity and turned on the lights, I squinted trying to see the damage done. There was a bruise starting to bloom on the jawline down to my chin, on my arms, and nose.

'This is just great!!! Yay more bruises for the populars to laugh at. If only they knew who I just got off the phone with'- I laughed-'Oh if only, but that would never happen.' I rubbed my jaw and walked to my bed, not bothering to turn off my vanity lights, I pulled my covers up to my neck and fell asleep.







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