The Life of a Surprise

Cosette is a normal 16 year old girl, well not normal. She's a champion at beach volleyball alongside her partner and BFF Libby, she's an amazing singer, amazing actor, oh and she fangirls over a certain boyband... One Direction, her favorite of course is Liam. When she writes to Liam expressing her faithfullness to the band and him on Valentine's day, she doesn't expect anything back. A few weeks later she gets a call from Liam and asking for conformation on tickets for her. A week later Cosette receives a package in the mail. Three tickets, meet-and-greet passes, and soundcheck passes to One Directions concert in Miami, Florida. When Cosette's mom, Cosette, and Libby meet One Direction, it's love at first sight between Liam and Cosette. Will they be able to be together through the battles of papparazzi, seperatness, and the other girls trying to win over Liam. FInd out in this new romance, fanfic, The Life of a Surprise.


10. Graduation

Cosette's POV:

As soon as Libs and I got to my house and changed into our pajamas, I could tell that Libby had changed.

"Alright, spill Libs." I crossed my arms and looked at her with a frown. Libby sighed and sat down on my beanbag hugging her bear.

"So Derrick and I were dancing for awhile then he lead me upstairs to his bedroom and we had sex. It was amazing and protected. Now what about you? I heard rumors that Ryan Fredircks took you outside to the make out woods." Libs smirked and I shook my head.

"Derrick and I danced, then he lead me outside to the bench in front of the lake and we kissed and cuddled, that's it. I promise. I already learned my lesson about sex." Libby smiled and grabbed my laptop so we could watch The Notebook.


*One Week Later*


"Come on Cosette, you'll be late!" Elle yelled from downstairs. I finished pinning my hair in place and grabbed my graduation hat, placing it carefully on my head with the tassels on the right. I grabbed my flats and purse and ran downstairs.

"I'm right here Mom, no need to worry."

"Well I'm worrying because we need pictures."

"Ugh come on Mom." Elle gave me the eye, so I put on my shoes and stepped outside. We took pictures in front of the flower garden, then got in the car and drove to the stadium for the graduation ceremony.


"Hey Libby!" I run over to Libs and give her a big hug.

"I can't believe we are going to graduate! AHHHHH!" We laughed and got in line right next to each other. Pomp and Circumstance started up and we made our way into the stadium. Once everyone was at their seats, the orchestra played the star spangled banner, then we sat down.

"Hello and welcome class of 2013! I am very proud of this years class and am very happy that you are going to start on a new journey of your lives, now that you will be graduated. May I please welcome the first valedictorian, Mary Gerfin." We all applauded as Mary made her way on stage. After we quieted, Mary started her speech. It was a typical, "we did our best and now we are starting on a new trip and make the best out of our lives" speech. We applauded again.

"Now for our second valedictorian Ryan Fredircks." My eyes widened as Ryan stepped onto the stage.

"Good morning class of 2013, faculty and distinguished guests. You know the only thing better then completing high school is the chance to convey the entire experience to a captive audience through a lengthy speech comprised of highly personal anecdotes, a chance which I now plan to take full advantage of. Now I realize that some of you may be less than excited for what is about to pass, so in an attempt to fix this problem, I've invited my friend Parker up here to accompany me with some mood setting music that I hope will enhance the speech greatly." Parker starts playing the piano and everyone starts to laugh.

"Relaxing isn't it? Now this speech is designed to cater to exactly what you want to hear and if you just relax and let this experience move you, you'll find that as soon as you're not interested in what I'm saying, your subconscious will automatically fade my voice gently out of your senses. Time will fly by for you and you may even slip in and out of consciousness, as you are left to relax with the soothing sounds of the keyboard. So now if everyone's ready, I would like to begin our mystical journey through the high school experience. Our adventure begins with Freshman year, easily your best year of high school, though you may not be sure." Ryan went on through freshman, sophomore, and junior year, but then he got to senior year.

"Now don't worry, your senior year of high school will be much simpler than the previous three, because you'll pretty much be checked out most of the time, but there is one little thing you should get out of the way before you stop caring, and I think I can best describe  how that feels with this metaphorical story.

"Let's say you're a single guy and you decide it's time to start thinking about getting married, but you're still young, you don't want to rush into anything, so you spend years searching for the perfect girl. Every chance you get you travel all over the country, just to meet new people. Now some you like more then others, some are too nerdy, some party too much, but finally after all your searching, you think you've found the perfect one. Oh she's incredible, she's fun, smart, sexy, everything you want in a woman. You decide to propose, but you only get one shot and you can't screw it up, so you spend months agonizing over how you're gonna do it, what you're gonna say to her. You set a deadline for yourself so that you can't put it off forever, and as the deadline approaches, you begin to get more nervous, are you good enough? Will perform well and get good marks, but is that all she wants? Does she need a man who can lead? Oh maybe you should've volunteered to coordinate that project last week. Does she want a man who can show compassion, oh maybe you should've done more community service and maybe when that old woman asked you to help her cross the street, you  shouldn't of tricked her and left. Oh it feels, it feels like everything you've been doing your entire life has been leading up to this moment. Finally the deadline is here, oh you're so nervous, you're sweating all over her. It's like there's ivy around your neck. She's way out of your league Is the ring big enough? Is it too late to go back? How many mistakes have you made so far? Can a public institution funded by a state government that's millions of dollars in debt really provide the level of education that's an overpriced private school?" Ryan takes a big breath after talking so fast. Everyone cheers for him while laughing really hard.

"And then it's over. You submitted your proposal and there's nothing more you can do. And she looks at you and she says.. Mmmm let me get back to you in like four months. That's pretty much what applying to college is like and you know what sucks the most about it? She'll probably say no, but guess what you didn't tell her. You proposed to like half of your back up chicks, just in case she rejected you and their all begging you to come marry them instead. So suck it Yale, I could never have married a smoker anyway. Alright now that we've completed high school, it's time to start thinking about the future. You know a lot of people  tell me that in twenty years, I'm gonna go to a high school reunion and I'm gonna laugh at how stupid I was as a teenager. Right Ryan, that sounds like a pretty good plan, because as teenagers, we've had to put up with a lot of ridiculous stuff to get to where we are today. And as adults we're gonna have to put up with a lot more ridiculous stuff to get to where we will be in twenty years. And that's been true for every generation and I think the most important thing we can learn, that things just don't always make sense. Like for example, if a couple random guys give this weird speech at your high school graduation, that you didn't get at all, maybe it was just a dumb speech that wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Or maybe, maybe they were trying to say that life is ridiculous and that being able to make a fool out of yourself in front of a lot of people, then laugh about it, is a great skill that's vital for success in all fields of life, but they were just probably being dumb. Anyway it's not important because, I doubt that's happened to anyone here, although if it did happen to you, make sure you never forget the guys that gave that speech, 'cause, I'll bet they were awesome and attractive, though you may never have noticed it for the entire duration of high school. Just a thought. Alright I guess that pretty much sums up what I have to say, the only thing left is congratulations to the George View High School class of 2013 and to everyone who helped us get here, I look forward to laughing with all of you about this in twenty years. Thank you." Everyone cheered. Ryan then got a standing ovation, he bowed, then went back to his seat.

"What a nice speech Ryan, I don't think anyone can top that." Mr. Goodard and began calling out the names. After awhile he finally got to the G's and H's.

"Libby Gyles." Libs smiled walked on stage, she shook hands with five people, got her diploma and moved her tassel from right to left.

"Cosette Habbard." I stepped onto the stage got my hand shaken five times, got my diploma, moved my tassel from right to left, and got my picture taken. Soon the graduation ceremony was over. I hugged lots of people and got a lot of pictures taken. We walked back to the car after I turned my cap and gown in. I held my tassel and diploma in my hand and stared at our class ring. The ring had George View High School Class of 2013 inscribed and an aquamarine gemstone in the middle.








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