The Life of a Surprise

Cosette is a normal 16 year old girl, well not normal. She's a champion at beach volleyball alongside her partner and BFF Libby, she's an amazing singer, amazing actor, oh and she fangirls over a certain boyband... One Direction, her favorite of course is Liam. When she writes to Liam expressing her faithfullness to the band and him on Valentine's day, she doesn't expect anything back. A few weeks later she gets a call from Liam and asking for conformation on tickets for her. A week later Cosette receives a package in the mail. Three tickets, meet-and-greet passes, and soundcheck passes to One Directions concert in Miami, Florida. When Cosette's mom, Cosette, and Libby meet One Direction, it's love at first sight between Liam and Cosette. Will they be able to be together through the battles of papparazzi, seperatness, and the other girls trying to win over Liam. FInd out in this new romance, fanfic, The Life of a Surprise.


7. A Day of Regret

Cosette's POV

I woke up the next morning feeling fine, as I sat up, reality hit me like a fast car. I burst into tears as I remembered the miscarriage news last night. I rolled out of my parents bed in my rolled sweatpants and navy blue tanktop rolled up to my belly button. I rolled my head as I walked to my room. I grabbed my iPhone trying not to look where all my memories had happened. Yawning, I walked downstairs and pull the sheets out of the washing machine and put them in the dryer. I checked my phone for any messages from Nathan saying that he was sorry. Not any messages at all. Started brewing coffee, as I waited for it to warm up, I plopped myself down on the couch and turned on the TV. I flipped through the channels. Nothing was on, so I put on my last resort, the news.

I heard the pot ding, so I got up and walked over as I turned up the TV. I started pouring coffee into my sad depressed mug. The poor thing was only a  creme color. I walkk over and sit on the couch watching.

"Now over to you Debra." The reporter had a grim look on her face.

"Thank you, Brian. We have learned more news on this tragic accident. So far what we know is that Nathan Bridges was going at a very fast speed, veered across the road and ran straight into a semi truck. Bridges was pronounced dead at the scene. The semi truck driver is in the hospital with minor fatalities." I was drinking my coffee, when I heard Nathan died, I spit my coffee out in surprise. I wiped my mouth with the nearest napkin and leaning closer to the TV.

"Debra, does his family know anything yet?" Debra shook her head.

"Sadly, not yet. We have called some of his friends and they have said that his family offered for him to go with them to New York, but he declined, saying that he wanted to spend time with his girlfriend." My hand flew up to my mouth as I gasped. I grabbed for the remote and turned off the TV. Knees wobbling I unlocked my iPhone and dialed Libby's number.


"Libby?" My voice broke as I said her name.

"I'll be right over." Libs hung up and I sunk down to my knees.


Libby's POV

I got to Cosette's house and rang the bell, and again, and again. Cosette wasn't coming. I walked over to an empty flower pot and dug around until I found her spare keys. I unlocked to door and went inside, closing the door behind me, I hear sniffles coming from the living room. I kicked off my uggs and slipped out f my jacket and ran to the living room. I see Cosette on the floor crying. Quietly I slipped my arms around her and held her tight.

"Libs, you don't know how much I needed that." Cosette mumbled into my arm. I helped Cosette up and onto the couch. I picked her coffee mug and walked it over to the kitchen. I poured it into the sink and filled  up a new cup along with one in a red cup for me. After handing Cosette her cup, I sat down across from her.

"What's wrong?" I looked at Cosette in the eyes and hers brimmed with tears.

"You know how Nathan and I had sex on Valentine's day?"-I nodded my head and motioned her to keep going-"Well my parents came home and we had just gotten started. We heard the garage door and he got out as soon as he could. Well later that night, he came back while I was sleeping and finished what he had started, not thinking. Well the next morning I was sick. While my parents were gone, I took a pregnancy test and..." Cosette looked down at her hands which were trying to busy themselves. I gasped.

"No." I shook my head, hands clasped to my mouth.

"Yes." Cosette's voice broke at the end, I leaned forward and hugged her tight. After she took a huge gulp of air, she pushed back and continued.

"Later I met up with Nathan and told him the news. He said he would take care of me. And he did. He stopped treating me like I was his property and he could do whatever he wanted. He started treating me like he cared. My parents had left and his family left the other day, so I invited him over. We had together time. Then we fell asleep right next to each other in bed. I woke up later feeling this liquid between my legs. It was blood."-Tears were brimming in both of our eyes now-"We went to the doctor and they took tests. About two hours later, they came over and said that I had a miscarriage. We drove home in silence, and when Nathan touched my shoulder as a sign of sympathy, it drove me overboard, I yelled at him and ran into my house closing the door, not bothering to check if he went back to his room and well." Cosette turned on the TV and the anchorwomen was talking about a car crash, Nathan's car crash, the one where he died. Tears flowwed steadily down my cheeks. I looked over at Cosette and saw that she was sitting cross-legged, elbow on her knees, and head in her hands. Her head was shaking back and forth. I rubbed her back for awhile, then I gave her a big hug.

"The worst thing that I did was yell at him when it was also his miscarriage too. I regret not being able to stop him. I feel like this is my fault."

"Cosette, nothing is your fault. You just weren't ready to have a baby. It's not your fault Nathan was speeding on the highway. That was his choice and look where that had gotten. Now don't go all suicide attempt on me." I hugged her tightly.

"Thank you Libby, I really needed someone to talk to." Cosette smiled.

"But I still need to cheer you up. First, you need to shower. Then we can watch movies and pig out." I smiled as I pushed Cosette up the stairs. I watched the TV as she showered. She came out of her room in rolled up shorts and a tie-dye t-shirt. I grabbed her hand and walked down the stairs. Cosette slumped onto the couch. I grabbed a blanket and threw one at her and one at the cushion next to her. After the popcorn finished and I had poured more coffee in our mugs, I walked back over to the living room popping Dear John into the DVD player and sat on the couch. The rest of the day we spent watching movies and chatting. I called up my mom and told her that I was sleeping over and we talked all night long.




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