All Over Again

Macy lives with her Besty Ella in a small house in Holmes Chapel. She used to have quite a big romance with Harry Styles.NOT Harry Styles from One Direction, well yes but at the same time no. Macy fell in love with Harry Styles from Holmes Chapel BUT before he auditioned for the 'X Factor'. They broke because Macy caught Harry cheating with Ella but Ella and Macy made up because they promised they wouldn't let a boy come in between their best friend relationship, but Harry left to his audition after Macy told him off. he said he could explain but Macy didn't want to hear it. After 2 years Harry comes home for his 2 month break, Macy and Harry meet up once again when they bump into each other in Starbucks, what will happen?!?!? Read to find out!!! My first movella so no hate please and tell me if I should continue capes if it's bad I won't thnxxx lovelies!!! Bye <3


4. The Truth

 ~Harry's P.O.V.~

 I told them to sit and began my story. A.K.A The TRUTH.

   "Macey, remember the day you left to U.S. 

"yeahh"she said motioning me to continue.

"well you gave me your house keys so i can lock up and leave,right?"

"well after you left it was only me and ella over hear." i said glaring at ella who looked like a ghost."i was about to leave when ella grabbed my wrist and spun me arround. she pushed me back and the sofa so i was laying down.i told her'what the hell el' but she didnt say any thing, she just climbed on top off me and started unbuttoning her shirt.i tried to push her away but she held me tight. i started yelling at her but all she said was AND I STATE 'macy's gone now and wont be back for another 3 months,i think a little girly pleasure would do you some good.'i was about to talk but she slammed her lips on mine, trust me mace i did not kiss back and wanted out but thats when you came back asking for your keys back."

i looked at both of them.Macey looked like she was thinking and ella just looked at macey waiting to get yelled at.

"i dont believe you."macey spoke

"if you dont believe me ask the slut next to you." i said

"alrisght i will" she turned to ella."is that true."she didnt even ask just stated.

ella sighed and began crying.

"ANSWER ME!" she screamed at ella

"w-well y-yes b-but i was only m-mad you didnt tell me you were l-leaving until the d-day you left" ella said s still sobbing.

"wow if you werent my best friend i would smack you damn in the face"macey spatted while grinding her teeth."but a promise is a promise."

"so do you take me back?" i asked.

"hell to the yes!" she said with sass."now kiss me you fool."

i smiled ear to ear and ran up to her and gave her a kiss, and a verry loooong but pashonate(ik dats nnot how u spell it but itz shorter. :) ) one.




hey loveliees ok so imma update by comment. i only have 1 comment :( so if there are 5 comments ill update oh and ill be putting questions at the end f every chappie and the people who answer get a SHOUT-OUT!!!!!!! and Keep liking and favoriting! So this chappies question is........

Whats Harry Styles's hidden talent?

Go on,ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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