All Over Again

Macy lives with her Besty Ella in a small house in Holmes Chapel. She used to have quite a big romance with Harry Styles.NOT Harry Styles from One Direction, well yes but at the same time no. Macy fell in love with Harry Styles from Holmes Chapel BUT before he auditioned for the 'X Factor'. They broke because Macy caught Harry cheating with Ella but Ella and Macy made up because they promised they wouldn't let a boy come in between their best friend relationship, but Harry left to his audition after Macy told him off. he said he could explain but Macy didn't want to hear it. After 2 years Harry comes home for his 2 month break, Macy and Harry meet up once again when they bump into each other in Starbucks, what will happen?!?!? Read to find out!!! My first movella so no hate please and tell me if I should continue capes if it's bad I won't thnxxx lovelies!!! Bye <3


1. Intro-1

Hi, my name is Macy Aldren, Im 19 and have a job at starbucks and i live with my besty Ella. I have torqouise eyes and brown hair, you can say its curly bit i say wavy. hehe. Anywaaaaaaaaaaaays my mom died when i was 12 and my dad started abusimg me ever since but then Harry came into my life and fixed it all but then broked it again by cheating on me. So as i said before i now live with my besty and i oficially hate Harry Styles.(A/N  i acually dont i loveeee him but its a story)He cheated on me with my besty and already moves on soo hes my past but i havent cuz i jut dont want to loose someone i love again. So yah that me.

A/N: hay lovelies soo it wont be long till i update and pleeaaaaase comment how its so far.

thnxx lovelies luv u!!!!!! <3

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