All Over Again

Macy lives with her Besty Ella in a small house in Holmes Chapel. She used to have quite a big romance with Harry Styles.NOT Harry Styles from One Direction, well yes but at the same time no. Macy fell in love with Harry Styles from Holmes Chapel BUT before he auditioned for the 'X Factor'. They broke because Macy caught Harry cheating with Ella but Ella and Macy made up because they promised they wouldn't let a boy come in between their best friend relationship, but Harry left to his audition after Macy told him off. he said he could explain but Macy didn't want to hear it. After 2 years Harry comes home for his 2 month break, Macy and Harry meet up once again when they bump into each other in Starbucks, what will happen?!?!? Read to find out!!! My first movella so no hate please and tell me if I should continue capes if it's bad I won't thnxxx lovelies!!! Bye <3


3. I Finally Found Her-3

~Macy's P.O.V.~

The person i hated and never wanted to see is right infront of me.

Harry Freakin Styles.

~Harry's P.O.V.~

I was walking out of starbucks when i bumped into someone. I look down to see who it is. Macy. Macy, the love of my life was standing right infront of me. I dont think she recognized me because she quickly looked down.

"Macy?"I ask. She starts turning around grabbing another girls wrist,Ella;s wrist. Before she could walk away i grabbed her wrist with a tight grip."dont touch me."she tried to yank her hand away but wouldnt let go."Macy listen to me, can you atleast let me explain." It came out more like a statement then a question."Harry let go of my hand or I'll be forced to scream"she said calmly. Oh god when she said my name my heart melted. "Harry you better let go of her hand, you know she does what she says"Ella jumps in."Ella stay out of this, it wouldnt have happened in the first place if it wasnt for your slutyness" I scolded at her."Dont talk to her like that your the slut over here and you have 5 seconds to let go of my hand OR ELSE!!!" Macy raised her voice.I did as told but then grabbed it again."You said to let go, i let go you never said i couldnt grab it back" i told her."HARRY"she was this close to yelling."Just let me explain and then ill leave you alone, PLEASE?" I begged. She sighed then said "you have 10 minutes" and then i looked at Ella she had a worried face, i know why, because she knows im going to tell macy the truth and that Ella's the reason for all this."not her, in my place lets go" i let of her wrist and walked out, they followed. When we got out and in my place i told them to sit and began my story.

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