All Over Again

Macy lives with her Besty Ella in a small house in Holmes Chapel. She used to have quite a big romance with Harry Styles.NOT Harry Styles from One Direction, well yes but at the same time no. Macy fell in love with Harry Styles from Holmes Chapel BUT before he auditioned for the 'X Factor'. They broke because Macy caught Harry cheating with Ella but Ella and Macy made up because they promised they wouldn't let a boy come in between their best friend relationship, but Harry left to his audition after Macy told him off. he said he could explain but Macy didn't want to hear it. After 2 years Harry comes home for his 2 month break, Macy and Harry meet up once again when they bump into each other in Starbucks, what will happen?!?!? Read to find out!!! My first movella so no hate please and tell me if I should continue capes if it's bad I won't thnxxx lovelies!!! Bye <3


2. A Not-So Regular Day

"Im going to work El!!" I scream to my besty.

"K, on your way home bring me a vanilla latte!"she screams back.I grab my phone and keys and leave. Im going to the same routine everyday.

1.Go to work for 7 hours(8-3)

3.Get El's drink

4.Walk home

5.Eat lunch

6.Take a nap

7.Sometimes go shopping or stay home

~At work~

"hi how may i help you?"i ask as a man walks in the store."yes,can i get a ice coffee with milk and sugar"the man said,he seemed nice."sure just a bit" i say.I get the coffee and go over back to the counter."here you go"i say then give him his coffee.then print his receipt," that would be $1.50" i say. He pays and then leaves the shop.The man was wearing a beanie which reminded me of him.'NO! Macy STOP!' i think to myself i just cant, im here thinking of him but he probably forgot me. Im a desperate,sad,stupid girl.

~3 P.M.~

i grabbed El's vanilla latte and leave.At home i give El her latte and eat lunch then take my nap.After a good 2 hours i wake up to El jumping on my bed."what the hell El?" i ask clearly confused "we are going to shopping hurry get up" "fine but why were you jumping on my bed" "to wake you up duh" i groan and get up,take a quick shower put my hair in a ponytail and wear light pink skinny jeans a flowy black top with a cat on top and my favorite black flats. A little make up, mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss. I also add pearl studs and a necklace with a heart on it, while putting the necklace on i remember that harry gave it to me.But then think he wont ever see me again so theres no harm in wearing it. Then walk downstairs and see El on her phone all ready."Finally"she complains."at least i came out now lets go." i say as i grab my purse and both of us walk out. We decided to get some drinks from starbucks even though El just drank a latte, we were walkinf to the coun ter os starbucks when i bumped into someone. I look to see who it is.Harry. The person i hated and never wanted to see is right infront of me.Harry freakin Styles.


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