Cold Case

A cold case of a missing yourng lady of age 13. Of eveything that has been found so far.


1. Cold Case Chapter 1

A missing person report was filed on a young girl.  Who was thirteen  at the time.  Her famly was so upset.  They had not heard from her for close to  three days.  They had talked to all her friends if anyone knew anything..They were not talking.


She has long brown curly hair.  She is a loving person.  Loves to talk on the internet.  Has alot of friends.  Listen's at her parents.  Never been in trouble.  Made good grades.


Parent's were told not to worry she would be found. 


They found  pictures in her bedroom of her with a man.  Parent's did not know "who he was".  Or anything about him.  Never knew how or where  she met him.  To her parent's this made no sense.  She had never lied to them that they knew of.  They was really worried now.



It is like she vanished in thin air.  None of her friends had gotten any call's from her.  She was always calling them.  Parent's still had not heard  from her.


Everyone called her "honey".  She was last seen wearing a red top with lace, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes.  She had a ring on that was emerald. Had a black purse with about $10.00 and a cell phone.  She had no makeup on.  She was not allowed to wear it.


She has been missing now almost a month.  Not a word has been heard.  Police are stll searching.  It does not look good.  They have not found anything. 

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