Carnal Dance

Just a small poem I wrote for my boyfriend.


1. Carnal Dance


Carnal Dance


Do you ever wonder what it would be like with me? 

To be able to feel my skin on yours,

To feel that lingering touch

To get yes instead of maybe or no.


So remove the excuses from my lips,

Take the lead, but remember this dance takes two,

Play me like I play my guitar,

Strong, steady, gentle, commanding and with some playful grace.


Follow the rhythm that our carnal lust creates,

Trace the invisible pattern on my neck all the way down to my thigh,

I will do the same

Finish this well-known, electrifying, desirable dance.


Do not break rhythm retrace the invisible pattern all the way back up my neck,

Kiss me lightly a few times on these soft lips of mine,

I will kiss back,

With this last move we make.


Be sure not to spoil the lengths these sheets provide,

Now hold me,

We are face to face,

"Be still do not move" I whisper against your lips.


There is this scarlet line forming a tear drop on your bottom lip,

If I caused you to bleed I must fix the wound,

I will lick the scarlet line and kiss you on your bottom lip,

Clean up the mess I have made.


So be still do not move,

Let me take the lead,

Play you, like you play the piano,

Soft, gentle, delicately.


Follow the rhythm your body naturally exudes,

Trace the invisible lines and patterns that are written,

All over your body like ancient scrolls filled with,

Secret alien intelligence meant for my eyes only.


Finnish this sweet, wantonness dance,

Holding you; You holding me,

Face to face, 

Enraptured in each others steady gaze.

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