1D imagines

Comment : name , hair , eyes , weight , tall ,small and whatever ! Also i need the member of 1D. And what u want to happen or leave it too me :D NiallNandoPrincessS


5. Taylor and Harry x

Hand in hand you strolled along the beach wittah Harrys you gazed at the stars talking for hours back in the beach hut you decide to snack .
"Harry!!" You scream as he playfully attacks you with a sausage roll.then he grabbes you hand and pulls you to the ocean where he has fully advantage to look at you in your swim suit . Arnt they beautiful you say " I know what els is beautiful " he says and winks "who you reply " and pulling you closer he whispers in your ear "im looking at her " your lips crash together as the most magical moment of your life . " I love you taylor," it starts to rain but you kiss pashionly anyway "run!" As you get to the beach Hut you make hot chocolate and sigh"what you upset about babe"
" when is -you know , when we end the relationship" he grabbed you by the waist " awnser this question then, will you be my pussy cat ".h E then added " forever " you cry "yes a million times yes " and because this is Harry he smacks you with the sausage roll. Taylor Styles. You think to yourself ' that sound good '

For Taylor x
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