1D imagines

Comment : name , hair , eyes , weight , tall ,small and whatever ! Also i need the member of 1D. And what u want to happen or leave it too me :D NiallNandoPrincessS


4. Tajah and Harry x

You shopped all day for the perfect dress , hours on end searching .
"You look..look magnificent " you smile as Harry holds his arm out like a gentlemen waiting to whisk you away to a top secret location .you dress slightly glittery but you don't mind as it shows off you magnificent curves . You link to Harry and smile at him ,hi kisses you quickly and opens the door like a gentle man .No paparazzi in your way this time.As you pull out side ,you look up at the shimmering shine which reads "the ritz " you look at Harry in astonishment .
As he walks you in as a gentlemen he is you have a lovly meal and talk lots about the future x
" one more question tajah" asked Harry in his deep sexy voice .
"Will you be a pussy cat forever" he hold out a jahoosive diamond ring .
Crying you nod you head and wipe away the tears .you are going to marry Harry styles x for tajah
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