1D imagines

Comment : name , hair , eyes , weight , tall ,small and whatever ! Also i need the member of 1D. And what u want to happen or leave it too me :D NiallNandoPrincessS


7. Mariah and Niall

Hand in hand you and niall walk through the park you rest his head in hi chest and you sit down on bench it was pretty late and gazed upon the stars . He held out you hand and pointed to a star "this is my star for you" i named it Mariah he added on . You hugged him gently and kissed him roughly .you gazed in him beautiful ocean blue sparkling eyes, which looked like stars . You put your hand around his neck and his hands carefully placed on your hims . You lips crashed together , seeming like forever you kissed until you walked back to your apartment with niall . With a smile on your face all the way home .
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