1D imagines

Comment : name , hair , eyes , weight , tall ,small and whatever ! Also i need the member of 1D. And what u want to happen or leave it too me :D NiallNandoPrincessS


2. Julia x

A curly haired boy stared at you continuously looking away evey time you looked at him . You know nothing about him except he's the one you want to be wih .he flips his hair brushing it to the side .suddenly he's stood next to you in nandos .his sexy deep voice asks if you want to meet up for a coffee one day ?

You stutters for a long while .then you have the courage to blurt out the words
"Yessss....." You reacnise this curly haired prince and you flip you Choclate brown hair hoping to impress Harry . He just laughs

Before he leaves he hands you a letter reading

'Call me maybe 98465298561' xoxo
You turn red and Harry pretend to trip to carry on the banter between yourself and him ...

Your made for each other
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