1D imagines

Comment : name , hair , eyes , weight , tall ,small and whatever ! Also i need the member of 1D. And what u want to happen or leave it too me :D NiallNandoPrincessS


9. Dani and louis x

Stadig at the side of the stage, you watched louis .you couldn't be prouder as his best friend from the bottom of the stairs to the top of the world . You had deep feelings for Louis but he had Elenor . When it came to Louis solo he looked directly at you then a sexy wink. He really touched your heart . After the concert you went to Louis dressing room but froze outside as Elenor and Louis were arguing
" why do u look at her like that " Elenor roared
" she's my best friend!!!" Louis screamed back .
" not only that I love her !" Everywhere fell silent and Elenor came out crying running away from the camera backstage .
"You alright louis "
" if you be my girlfriends you will" he said with a smirk
" does this awnser your question" your lips crashed together
And stayed there for miners your youngest exploring each other.
I love you Dani louis whispered in your ear . I love you too louis and kissed some more .
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