They Don't Know About Us- A One Direction Fan Fiction

When Kassia and her brother Liam try out for The X Factor they don't expect to meet 4 other lads by the names of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik or expect Liam to be put in a boy band with them. So imagine Kassia's surprise when Zayn and Harry fall Truly Madly and deeply in love with her. Kassia has to make a decision will she choose her true love or will she choose her career instead?


1. They Don't Know About us Ch.1

Kassia's  P.O.V

Today was the big day. Liam and I are finally going to try out for the X Factor. Liam was going to sing Michael Bubles version of Cry Me A River.I was singing Baby by Justin Bieber. I was really nervous for both me and my brother. My brother is incredibly shy and I'm worried he won't open up for the auditions. Me,however, I have the exact opposite problem. My mom says that I am over spoken and I'm too oppiniated. Maybe that's why guys only stay with me for a couple of days and then leave. Or maybe its because I am perfectly intent on staying a virgin until marriage so an unexpected child doesn't ruin it. I am incredibly nervous about auditions. I go into my room to change into my zebra blouse and my black ruffled skirt.[] Then I go into the bathroom and start to curl my long brownish blond hair and put on my eyeliner and mascara. I then gave myself a smoky eye to make me look edgy.I suddenly heard my brother timidly knocking on the door and said,''Sis, are you ready yet?'' I was so not ready. But I said anyway," As ready as I'll ever be!" I smiled. This is going to be fun. 

*A long Drive Later*

Liam's P.O.V

I am really nervous. I once auditioned for the XFactor but at the judges house Simon said I was too young and sent me home.But this time I brought my lucky charm. My sister Kassia. My lovely,awesome,beautiful,outspoken sister. I love her so much. Even though she doesn't see herself very clearly. She is a really interesting family member. She sort of has an emo style, but her hair is a natural  brunette color. Her eyes are blue which is weird because mom and dad both have brown eyes. She is drop dead gorgeous and all my friends love her. I wonder if any one will like her here? We all know she is going to get through auditions. I hear them call my sister's name ''Kassia Payne, you're up!'' I give her hand a reassuring squeeze. She didn't need it. I did. I was a nervous wreck and she could tell. She turned around and gave me a cute smile. I whispered 'Good luck, Kass''. ''Thanks'' she murmured ''I'll need it''

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