Burning Ashes (Sequel to Willow House)

Cassie Brooks has a heart rendering decision to make, between Ash and Liam. Who will she choose?


1. Prologue.


((A/N: Hey Guys! YOUR READING :D hehe, heres the sequel to Willow House! YAY! I am really happy with Willow's progress so far, so, I'll put this one on for yous. ^_^

I havent actually finished this story, so, if it is you do enjoy this, please do bug me to carry it on. I wont sulk in a corner for a couple of days if you comment with improvements or whatever :3 its great to know people are picking these things up! So yeah, yelll at me if you want morrreeee!


Without further ado, I shall shut my babbling and present you with the first installment of the sequel to Willow House, Burning Ashes. ))




PROLOGUE. There was no way I could choose. Or could I? But it didn’t matter now, both will be better off. My decisions will have saved everyone a mighty chore to deal with. That’s why I ran, that’s why I’d jumped through the cold of the window’s glass, that’s why the shards of the once peaceful window fell with me. Time seemed to pause in the air, my brain is having a fit over the fact that my actions were reckless and stupid, and the odds of surviving were undoubtedly slim. But my heart couldn’t hurt those I loved, and that is why it had been the right choice. If when I reach the end, I make it, then the choice must be made, if I die, the best of my options, then we will all live a better a life, and no heart will be broken. No heart but mine...



It was to my own stupidity that I had seen the events of today. It’s the stupidity that allowed me to watch Cassie Brooks throw herself through the window in her room of Willow House. I was the cause no doubt, and I would never be able to protect her like Liam could. Liam Davenport. The name feels alien on my tongue. My old friend was now my sworn enemy. Or by what I could gather. He had abused what he had and left the pieces for me to pick up as always. And then he decides to walk back in here and take them pieces back, thinking everything was fine. But no. Everything was different. It is by my own doing that I allow that thief to take back his podium position. I will not allow that to happen. Not whilst I’m still breathing, not whilst I cling to the hope she’ll see sense. Love me like she should. No. I will not back down. Ash Grangefield won’t allow it to happen. That’s me. That’s what I do.


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