Burning Ashes (Sequel to Willow House)

Cassie Brooks has a heart rendering decision to make, between Ash and Liam. Who will she choose?


17. My Type Of Guy

Cassie’s P.O.V-



I forced my tired eyes to ease open, groaning as I did so. I stretched my hands up and felt my body stretch awkwardly as I came to. I took in the familiar surroundings of my bare room, that battered blind still rolled open. I sighed and folded my arms across my chest. Earlier this week I had carelessly tried to run away from life. And found myself crying for help like a loser. A sore loser. A pathetic loser. He... He helped me. I smiled slightly as I reminded myself of that night Ash had swept me into his arms. 



~Earlier That Week~


He had jumped over the log with ease, and as I felt my eyelids drooping, I allowed myself to take in his face as everything else blurred. He took my battered body into his arms and laid me gently in his lap, stroking my face. Tears rolling down his cheeks, but a beautifully cheesy smile crookedly spread over his features, worry clear in his eyes. 


He took me into his arms and he held me close to him, his heat forcing my cold body to stay alive. To grasp at his clothes and hold on tight. 

“I found you.” The sound of his voice piercing through the dreadful ringing in my ears. His face drew nearer and in a split second I was embraced into a tight hug. My arms limp by my sides, but he didn’t need me to hug back. His arms encircled my whole body, and made me warm again. He carefully held my head with his hands and as I felt myself slipping into unconsciousness, a small kiss was planted on my parted lips. I left the ground, and for once in my life... I was the damsel in distress, who was carried home by her knight. 




...Here I am home.








“I know what I have to do.” I murmured into the empty room. Hugging myself with cold arms. 


“Really? That’s new for you Cass.” A smiling Nat peered from behind the door. I felt my face light up and I flung myself out of the bed and into her arms. “Woah!” She protested as she took me into her open arms for the millionth time this week. 


“Nat... I’m still sorry.” I said solemnly as I broke from the hug.


“And I still don’t care!” She giggled. “I got my bestie back. That’s all that matters.” She smiled kindly at me and rubbed my arm. “C’mon you, lets go shopping!” I groaned, with a smile plastered on my face. The weekend had arrived and Nat was desperate to get out and find the perfect prom dress. 


“Lemme get my jacket.” I turned, and picked up one of Ash’s baggy jackets I had aquired. It was black, simple, and very old. Big, was an understatement. It hung only just from his lean frame, and swamped mine. 


“Correction. Ash’s jacket.” Nat winked at me. I smiled and pulled up the hood. 


“Indeed.” I chuckled. 


“Someone say my name?” My smile widened as said Ash stepped into the room. “Hey cutie, thats mine!” He smiled and Nat stepped aside so the mop of hair could take me into his arms. I clung to him. I owed him that. I owed him everything. I wrapped my fingers in his now long dark hair and closed my eyes, allowing him to hold me tightly. He pulled back, and I remained wrapped in his embrace. “Am I ever going to get that back?” He smiled softly and pulled down the hood, forcing my fingers to unwind from his hair. 


“You said I could keep it!” I protested, having come attached to the jacket. 


“Until you were better!” He laughed, a wide smile gracing his features. 


“Shh!” I replied, laughing with him. The smile reaching my eyes. 


“Come on you two! Dresses!” Nat called excitedly. Oops, third wheel. I groaned again, and ignored the snicker from Ash. 


“Hey, mop head. You gotta buy a suit too!” Ash’s face dropped and he threw his head back dramatically to groan. 


“Ha!” I retorted and winked over at him. 




Mark leaned against an old Ford people carrier like thing in the drive. It was hideous, to say the least. I sighed and walked with Nat and a moaning Ash towards the vehicle. I caught sight of Liam, who had his head high, talking to Teresa. He seemed happy. I hoped so.


“Okay, so I’ll give you a lift to the Mall on the edge of town. I expect you all to be in the parking lot by 6, no later. Got it?” We all nodded and then clambered into the car thing. I wasn’t too sure what the actual hell it was, only it was god damn ugly. I counted over the money in my purse. £70 should be enough for a simple dress, right? It’d have to be. I buckled up next to Nat, she had already stolen the window seat, so I was in the aisle like thing, though this ugly car wasn’t that long. Ash sat on a single seat to my right. I smiled over at him before plugging in my ear phones and drowning out Nat’s overly cheery chatter about different dress types. I should really have taken notice seen as I was clueless, but still. It bored me. 






It didn’t take us too long to reach the big shopping centre, but I had never been this far out of town before, I was completely lost here. 


“You’re staying with me, Missis!” Nat linked arms with mine and rolled my eyes with a smile at Ash. Who smiled back, half biting his lip at the same time. He could be really attractive when he wanted to be...


“Off you go! This is your only chance remember!” I waved a goodbye to Mark with my now, unbraced hand. It felt so good to be back to normal. In every way. 


“Lets go!” 






Nat had dumped Ash in the thousandth suit shop in the past hour and took me into yet another fancy shop. I groaned and adjusted my backpack, shifting my music onto another song. I sat down as she picked up a ruby red dress and was about to enter the changing rooms. She looked over at me and her shoulders drooped. 


“Turn off that stupid screaming and pick up a dress!” I frowned at her. 


“But Kellin’s singing!” I protested as she pulled my earphones from their socket, causing Sleeping With Sirens to ring throughout the shop. My eyes widened and I quickly paused the music. Nat handed me the earphones and shuffled into the changing room. 


“Thought it’d be you.” I was pulled into a hug from behind as Ash appeared out of no where. 


“How’d you find me?” I looked over my shoulder at him, no bags in his hands. He raised an eyebrow and smiled. 


“The fact that ‘If I’m James Dean, you’re Audrey Hepburn’ just rung throughout the store, kinda gives me the idea that my one and only Cassie Brooks was being hassled.” I bit my lip and placed an earphone into his ear, as I began playing some Escape The Fate. Nat frowned at me as she appeared in a beautiful red dress, Ash kept his arm around my waist lightly, but came to my side as so the earphone remained in his ear. He was chewing gum, and his jaw was just highlighted by the movement. 


“Looks nice.” I nodded at Nat. She sighed, loosing the teapot pose. 


“You said that for the last six dresses!” She cried at me. 


“Yeah. They were all nice.” Nat sighed. “I’m gunna go help Ash find a suit, you find some more nice dresses.” I winked at her, and tugged on Ash’s arm. He gladly joined me. 




I returned to the world of the living and talked with Ash as we walked. He was set on getting a piercing now. I sighed at him, even though I believed piercings were hot as fuck. 


“And maybe a tattoo.” He wondered, looking over at me with a half smile. Also hot as fuck. 


“What of though?” I smiled at him, my hand linked with his. He tightened his grip over my fingers. 


“Oh you know... Maybe some lyrics... Or... Something important.” He winked at me and I looked down with a smile. 


“We still need to get prom clothes.” I said with a frown. 


“Oh shit yeah.” Ash laughed, tugging me into another shop. He took a moment to pull up his skinnies and then walked over to the suits. I dropped his hand and looked over at some dresses. We both arrived at the changing rooms with handfuls of random clothes we wouldn’t buy. It took a while, but I finally found something I liked. The dress was floor length, but had a slight slit in the side, as to allow me to move. It’s back was fairly bare, but had an interesting front, the assortment of the fabric complimenting my figure. I smiled as I soothed my hands over the tighter thigh area. The sides had a cut in, just above my hips to reveal a small amount of my plae skin. I only chose the dress because it was black, and had some gears and cogs along the waistline. It reminded me of some steampunk fashion, and I loved it. I changed back and looped the dress over my arm, discarding the others. Ash was wearing a black suit jacket, with his top and skinnies underneath. It looked fairly good like that. 


“You should go like that.” I piped up behind him. He turned on the heel of his vans and smiled at me. 


“Looks good right?” I nodded and bit my finger. “You found something?” He eyed up the black material over my arm. 


“Surprisingly!” I chimed. He removed the jacket, and I found it had a brassy, gold lining. I smiled to myself. It matched the gears perfectly. We bought the items and paid for them as needed. I checked, and Nat seemed to be still busy choosing. I rolled my eyes and took Ash’s hand again. “Shoes.” I stated. Ash flung his free hand into his pocket and smiled. 


“Converse.” I smiled. 


“Heels.” I groaned, but forced him to watch me stumble over some teetering heels. I finally find a beautifully slim fit black heels. I purchased them, realizing I only had a few hours left. I left the shop, now with three big bags. I couldn’t fit them in my backpack, so I was stuck. I handed Ash his bag, finding I was carrying his. Lazy ass. 


“Hey, in here.” Ash pulled me towards a piercers. 

“Huh?” Seriously? He was going to do it? Mark’d kill him. 


“Yeah. We’re leaving Willow soon anyway. Gotta do everything I wanna do. Just incase I die young.” He winked at me and pulled me in. I was going to regret letting him do this. 






I flicked my red hair back and waved over at Nat, who was carrying a million bags in her arms. I sat down in McDonalds, once I was aware she’d seen us. I ate a box of fries, aware I needed to loose weight for the dress I had bought. 


“Sorted?!” Nat asked in a happy flurry as she took a seat. She looked from me, who nodded, to Ash who also nodded. Nat’s eyes widened and Ash cringed as she began protesting. “WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE?!” She almost screamed, causing lots of eyes our way. I smiled an apology to the frowning manager. I pressed a finger to my lip. 


“Be quiet Nat.” I said eating the last of my fries. 




“But nothing Natalie.” Ash smiled, causing the snakebites to move with his lip. I bit my lip at the thought. They looked beautiful on his face. Now his hair was longer, he had the band member look off to a T. I loved it. I sneakily sent my hand under the table and linked it with his, that was sat lonely on his lap. He smiled over at me and I internally fangirled. 


“Oh Jesus...” Natalie fanned herself. She wasn’t into this sort of thing was she? ‘Don’t even dare start smoking! Or doing weed!” My eyes ached from how far back I sent them with this eyes roll. Ash just laughed. 


“You’re rather stereotypical aren’t you Natalie?” He chuckled, the piercings were killing me from the inside out. I held onto his hand tighter and he smiled over at me again. He leaned into me as if he was going to kiss me, and I awaited his lips, but he bypassed me. He giggled lightly in my ear. “I love you.” He laughed. I smirked and pulled the beanie over his face. 


“Love you too.” I smiled. 


“Babe!” He called with a smile, blind. I shrugged off the ‘babe’. He was in my good books for a while. I don’t know what I’ve ben ignoring, but Ash... Was my type of guy.




((Oh my Lord. I'll post this picture that relates to Ash with Snakebites. Nom. Urgh. Female boner. haha;3 Anyway, yeah, you'll all remember again how beautiful he is now;) BeyondLawliet))

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