Burning Ashes (Sequel to Willow House)

Cassie Brooks has a heart rendering decision to make, between Ash and Liam. Who will she choose?


13. Foul Play


Cassie’s P.O.V Cont-


I pulled Ash towards the town, a plan already brewing in my mind. Ash shoved his other hand in his pocket, looking rather smug with himself. I heard the jingle of change, aware I couldn’t afford anything other than my prize, I’d have to play along to get him out of the way. As if by pure coincidence, Ash stopped.


“You hungry?” I bit my lip and pretended to think about it momentarily. 


“Well yeah, but...” He tightened his grip on our fingers. 


“But..?” He said cheerily. 


“I can’t afford it.” I looked down, my petty acting would be good enough to move Ash. He chuckled.


“Did I ask for money or food?” He smiled at me. I got to play it in now. 


“Okay, well, you pop along to Gregg's and get me a ham sandwich, crisps and a Capri Sun.” That should be enough time. He stared back at me. 


“Okay...?” He began to walk away, when I tugged on his hand. 


“I’ll pay you back.” I smiled and stretched on my tip toes to kiss his cheek before sprinting in the opposite direction. I watched from a far as he regained his sanity and headed for the shop. I smiled, finally, it’s time! I continued speed walking to BodyCare, cheapest place I guess. I slipped in and and slalomed around the many customers, to the right aisle. There! The exact color too! I snatched it up and checked the back. Perfect. I peaked outside, making sure Ash couldn’t see me, and jumped into the queue. I pulled out my change and counted it to the exact amount, tipping the coins into the waiting woman behind the counter. I still had a pound change. I stumbled out, admiring my purchase and dug it into my school bag as I saw Ash coming towards me. He took my hand again and pulled me to one of the benches unoccupied. I peered in the bag and pulled out the receipt. 


“Here, I’ll give you the rest when we get back to Willow.” I placed the pound in his pocket and smiled up at him as I pulled the Capri Sun from the bag. 


“Don’t worry bout it.” He said, taking out the sandwich and halving it. Eating his half. “Get what you want?” I nodded and slurped. He watched me, sensing the secrecy behind my trip. “What you get?” He asked. 


“Oh, nothing...Some makeup.” I answered, pausing slightly as thousands of excuses flowed through me. 


“Oh.” He replied. Taking the last bite of his half. I pulled out the half that was mine and began nibbling on it. 


“Guess you plan missing tea with me then?” I looked over at him, feeling the awkwardness of this conversation hanging above us like a cloud. 


“Yeah, wanna hang out later?” He looked over at me hopefully and our gaze’s met. 


“Sure.” Idiot! Your forgetting the plan! I face-palmed. Receiving a worried glance from Ash. I smiled over at him. I got up and shoved my rubbish in the bin, but got a surprise hug from Ash. He caught me from behind like Liam used to do. And after feeling eyes from the public on us, he picked me up and sat me back down on the bench. I giggled, he could be so random. I pulled out the crisps as our final part to the meal and snapped the bag open. I offered them over and Ash took a couple into his hands, and once done with those he snatched the packet from me. 


“Hey!” I called as he left me on the bench. I ran up behind him and jumped on his back. He stumbled from laughing and handed me the crisps before catching my dangling legs and giving me a piggy back. I was glad for the length of my blazer, else my skirt may just have been a little too high. I held on tight and rested my head on Ash’s back.


“Have you gained weight?” He asked and I kicked myself from his back. 


“Are you trying to say I’m fat?” He shook his head, a little upset, but then his cheeky grin appeared and I prepared for the comeback.


“Must be them crisps.” He pointed to the empty packet in my hands. I scrunched it up and shoved it in my pocket. 


“Meanie.” I said with my arms crossed over my chest. He rubbed at his jaw.


“Yeah, whatever beautiful.” He winked at me as I gave him a painful look. He came up to me and slipped his hands round my waist. I felt like a tumblr couple. Perfect, effortless and happy, with the perfect guy and the perfect girl. I shook myself from my fantasy and began walking towards Willow. I guy, in our uniform, passed us, and just before he passed me, he dropped something. I stopped and bent down to pick it up for him. Falling for stupid boys and their games.



Ash’s  P.O.V-


The sick pervert. He dropped that coin wanting her to bend over. He smiled as she reached for the change. I grabbed his collar, a guy from our school as well. I could hear his friends making noises. Stupid idiots. 


“Y’know, your really perverted doing that to pretty ladies.” He held his hands out in surrender as I made an example of him. I tripped his legs from underneath him and left him on the floor. Cassie just stood and stared. I knocked the money from her delicate hands and sent my hand into hers, pulling her on towards Willow. Jealousy can effect us guys too.




Cassie’s P.O.V-


To think I’d fell for the stupid trick in the first place bewildered me, furthermore, the fact Ash seemed so put out by it. It was just guys being guys, I’m sure he’d done something like that before. I ran a hand through my hair and decided I wanted to detour. I pulled Ash towards the woods. I missed the house that had been in flames, and the Drake’s sweet shop Ash had taken me into once, and headed straight into the woods.


“Where are we going Cassie?” He called to me, a smile in his voice. I laughed out loud and began to run, pulling him along with me. “Cassie!” He exclaimed as I made him trudge deeper into the wood. As soon as I couldn’t see the entrance, I searched for some sort of seat. I found a felled tree, it seemed dry enough and I clambered up it, leaving my bag, and my precious prize at its base. I tapped the spot next to me as I regained my breath.


“Come on!” I yelled down to him. He sighed, dumped the bag and joined me on the tree. 


“Nice view up here.” He said, though we were barely off the ground. 


“Hmm.” I said. I wondered how his bruises were. Tentatively, I leaned closer to him and slipped my hand up his shirt, pulling the fabric with me. Ash watched me, but didn’t stop me. I held the T-shirt just a little higher than the bruises. I shuffled closer along the trunk and delicately touched the purple area with my other hand. I felt myself falling and had to stable myself with my hand, which fell to Ash’s lap. I looked down and he followed my gaze. 


“Close.” He laughed. Laughing with him, I stroked his cheek, he wasn’t letting on how painful it was to smile. He caught my hand and I stopped moving, his warm fingers wrapped over mine. My hand moved slightly in his lap and I ended up almost on top of him. Then he did something that hurt. He pushed me away. He pushed me away, causing me to lay back on the trunk. Gasping, I held onto the branches, protruding from the trunk. 


“You know how it feels now.” He said, looking over at me apologetically. He shuffled, straddling my legs. I pulled at my stupid skirt, as he hovered over me. One of his hands slipped up my skirt, the other untucking my shirt from my skirt. 


“Ash...” I whimpered. He shuffled yet closer, his body rubbing against mine and meeting my face. I moaned a little at the pleasure of having him close to me, and pulled him to me by instinct, wrapping my arms around his neck.


“Y’know, this wood was a good idea.” He smiled at me, his cocky cheeky character in play.


“Why’s that? I smiled at him.” His hand rode up a little further and I gasped. He chuckled at my response.


“Because no one can hear us.” He winked at me and then his face disappeared as he kissed at my neck, sending shivers of pleasure through my body. I stared into the leaves, the colors graced by a gleam of weak sunlight. I pushed at his chest, receiving a wince from him. 


“Sorry.” I exclaimed. 


“Please. After today, don’t I at least deserve something?” I looked down, ashamed. “Don’t make me force you.” He winked again. I rolled my eyes.


“Don’t make me shout rape.” He smiled. Part of my shirt was untucked and I had a hand on my upper thigh, though it could look worse seen as the hand was up my skirt. I sighed and sat up, forcing him to do so also. His hands lowered and I felt myself relax. Though his hand remained on my inner leg. What was I to do? Please Ash? I wrapped my arms around his neck again and pulled myself onto his lap. His hand returned up my skirt and its warmth shivered through my legs. His other hand snaked its way up my shirt. I gasped against his lips. Was this what I wanted... Or was this what he wanted? His lips met mine and I wound my fingers into his hair. One of my hands cupping his sore face. His hand shot up my body and I felt its heat warm me. I pulled away, letting my hand run across his torso. He looked at my lips as I spoke. 


“Please...Stop.” I said to him. He gripped my legs and forced me back.


“No, you stop! Stop teasing me and leaving me with a kiss.” He untucked all of my shirt and I felt the air around hit my skin as he pushed his hands up my body. My legs were straddled once again, his body between them. He reached the base of my neck and kissed it, kissed along my neckline, then back down again. I felt a sharp nip and I pushed at his body.


‘Ow! Ash what the hell?” I clasped my neck. “You bit me?!” He bit his lip and little ashamed, but it didn’t take him long to push me down and again. 


“Choose me.” He whispered against my lips. “Choose me.” He repeated and then he tilted my head and kissed me again. He forced my lips to part and our kiss deepened. Please. Stop. Please. What was I to do? I was a mess. Choose me. He said, now how can I not? Foul play Grangefield.

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