Burning Ashes (Sequel to Willow House)

Cassie Brooks has a heart rendering decision to make, between Ash and Liam. Who will she choose?


14. Everything I'd Dreamt Of


((A/N: Here you go! A little shorter this one, wanted to leave you with some info and you be wanting more:p Meanie me! Anyway, I myself still haven't chosen as to which of our lovely boys, Cassie will choose:( It's so hard! Hehe, sooooo... PLEASE TELL ME! Please Reader, I don't care how dedicated or not you are to this story, but if you've been following, or reading, then I want you to comment on which you want her to choose ^^ Believe it or not, your comments will influence the end product of this story... So get to it! >.< so here we are, the next chapter, of Ashes, enjoy<3 

BeyondLawliet ))



I slipped the bag over my shoulder and tucked at my shirt. It had been a good half an hour since we were meant to be back at Willow, I used this as my excuse and had clambered down the tree. Looking over my shoulder I found Ash waiting for me. He looked up into the canopy, the already dark skies darkening at the hour. I sighed and headed back to the care-home, guilty, jealous and defeated. 



Upon reaching Willow, I slumped my way up the stairs, anxious to get it over and done with. I slipped my hand into my ginormous school bag and pulled the thin bag I received from purchase as I dumped the larger one on my bed. Next thing to sort. Nat. Hmm. I ran a hand through my hair and wished on a coincidental event to occur. I stuffed my plan under my pillow as bubbly Nat walked in. 


“Hey!” She chimed, her face dimpling as she smiled. “Where’d you go?” By that I guessed she was after an explanation to the absence of both me and Ash, at the same time. I smiled casually and looked down at a bracelet on my wrist, knowing I wasn’t the best liar. 


“Me and Ash just went into town for a while, I was after something.” I heard her giggle. “What?” I looked up feeling a little more confident. She plonked herself down on my right, closest to the pillow. I hissed through clenched teeth. She seemed a little displeased. 


“I was only being happy for you! Honestly!” She winked. I smiled through the agony of how close she was. It could all be wiped away... “So!?” She called through my thoughts, grabbing both my hands. 


“So what?” I answered, keeping an eye on the pillow. Her eyes were almost popping out of her head. 


“What happened!?” She scrunched up her face and stomped her feet. She was really into the gossipy girl stuff wasn’t she? I flipped back my hair, thinking of ways to say goodbye. I smiled to myself and came back to Nat’s question.


“Nothing.” I answered, with a smile.


“Seriously?” She raised one of eyebrows, her lips pouted. “That’s no fun.” I shrugged. 


“I’m no fun.” I went to stand up and she tugged on my wrists. 


“Now that’s how I know your lying.” A mischievous grin on her face. I rolled my eyes. 


“Nat...” Should I tell her? She’s been great with everything. 


“C’mon Cass! You went into town, hand in hand with Mr Hot Stuff, something had to have happened!” She giggled again, high pitched and girly. I smiled sadly at her, couldn’t I just get what I wanted over and done with? Suddenly, my door opened, saved by the Ash. 


“Hey?” He peered round the door and I smiled over at him. Nat chuckled. She looked down cheekily then jumped up. I shuffled closer to the pillow and assured the product remained under wraps. She hastily pulled Ash in, who shut the door behind him. 


“If you won’t tell me,” she looked over at me, oh no, “then he will!” She giggled, his arm caught by her claws. “Tell me!” She begged him. 


“Tell you what?” He asked a laugh escaping his lips. I took a deep breath and awaited the stress.


“Tell me what you did! I mean it! No lies! Tell me!” She tugged at his arm with every syllable. He laughed louder and pulled away from her grip. 


“Tell you what we did eh?” He bit at his bottom lip through a smile. I closed my eyes and contemplated falling asleep on both of them, but then everything might be revealed, then I’d be doomed. But why should I care what anyone else thinks? 


“Well, it went a little something like this.” He continued, before jumping on the bed and planting his lips firmly against mine. I struggled, murmuring some inaudible words as his hand slipped up my leg. I kicked him away, breaking us apart. “Aww, you weren’t stopping me earlier.” He tried to kiss me again and I refused, making him take me into a hug. 


“That totally looked like ‘nothing’.” Nat smiled like a child. I pushed Ash’s face away with my palm. He resisted and let his head rest in the nook of my neck. His warm lips pressed against my skin and I felt the shiver return. Nat slowly left the room sending me a thumbs up. I guess she’s chosen. 


“Leave.” I said, my voice was harsh but I needed him out of the way. 


“Why?” He moaned. Holding onto the word. 


“I have... Stuff... To attend to.” He grunted. 


“Stuff?” He looked at me deflated. 


“Yeah, stuff, so...” I motioned for him to leave. He sighed and got up, releasing my from his hold. His hands slipped into his pockets. His remained facing the door as he spoke to me.


“Come find me when your done with your stuff...” He left without another word. As soon as the click of the door rung through the room, I brought the dye from under my pillow. Now it was finally time.






I plonked the hair dryer down and inspected my lengthy locks. I pulled the wavy bundle to my right, and let them droop over my shoulder, exposing my bare neck on my left hand side. A single wave escaped my hold and twisted by my left eye. I smiled at my work. It was so deep, rich, and beautiful. It was everything I’d ever dreamed of. I delicately added a white flower hair pin to the right. Its pure color contrasting beautifully with the locks that held it there. I sighed as memories aided the color. It reminded me... So much.... Of Ash’s blood. 


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