Burning Ashes (Sequel to Willow House)

Cassie Brooks has a heart rendering decision to make, between Ash and Liam. Who will she choose?


9. Cassie Brooks, You Tease.


((A/N: HELLO READER! I have returned. Fuck yeah. Okay, so I am about to write out, from hand, no previous stuff written, the next installment of Ashes! Omg, its been a long time since I had to get the characters timetable out, and even get myself back into Cassie's mindset. Hmp! I never though I'd be here again!

Huhhhhhhh! wow I'm hyper;3 

Okay, so if this chapter is a little higledy piggledy, and a slight detour of the usual you've been reading, I ask for forgiveness now, as It has been at least a year since I began writing Ashes. 


Shut up L, they want the story. 


Okay, without further ado, I write for you, the eightieth installment of Burning Ashes;




Cassie's P.O.V Cont-

I sighed aimlessly and trudged out of Science. My head hurt, my jealously still fueling my fire and my plan itching annoyingly in the back of my head. I wasn't going to wimp out of this one. They can say what they like. I. Don't. Care. There, I said it. I didn't care. Oh it's such a painful lie... Shhhh! I don't... I don't... I babbled with myself as I subconsciously walked towards the canteen. Did I really want to go and sit watching Ash flirt with Becky again? Could I take it is more to the fact. I clenched my fists and waited by the door. The chilly breeze made the hair on my arms stand on end. My neck was chilled also, I regretted the ponytail, but then believed I would have regretted having my greasy, messy locks hung down also. Nat finally graced me with her presence and I snatched her arm, pulling her towards the social area. I never normally went round there, but I needed to be away, alone. With Nat. That sounds really... Creepy. Hmm. 

"Cass!" She protested as I yanked on her pale arm harder. 

"Shh! I pressed my thin finger to my lips and pulled at her limbs again. "C'mon! Before they see us!" I was becoming paranoid. Ahh, this isn't good. We took a seat and I pulled my knees up to my chest, aware of my stupid skirt, but hiding any provocative motions with my equally stupid blazer. I rolled the sleeves into their usual position, aware I was still freezing. Oh what I'd give for my hot water bottle. I smiled absently to myself as I thought of Ash as such a thing. It was rather cute. I ran a hand through my dark fringe, aware it had become loose. 

"Got a brush?" I asked Nat, though I wasn't really a girly type of girl, when you was contending with one of the populars, you needed to look at least decent, I guess. Nat clicked her fingers and made an over dramatic expression. You could almost picture the cartoon light bulb that flashed over her head. My eyes were tired. Real tired. I'd made such an easy wake this morning and even moaned to Nat about her sleepy affairs, when in reality, I was just as bad. I bit my lip, aware of the sore, bloody taste of previous biting. I winced, and navigated my working hand, allowing my braced one to relax. It was barely noticeable to me, but... It still got in the way sometimes, I was so glad I was having it removed this week. I yanked out the bobble and began brushing trying to backcomb and sort out my messy hair. This time it was Nat's turn to roll her eyes. 

"Come her Cass, your doing it all wrong!" She made me come sit in the chair beside her, and she began fiddling with my greasy, knotty tangles. "When did you last wash this shit?" Thanks Nat. 

'I'm doing it tonight actually!" I felt a little smug at the thought. She sighed. And snagged on my hair causing me to cringe. People were staring at us and it bugged me. Stupid people. 

"So..." She was going to ask about our location I could feel the question crawling across my skin. 

'So...?" I asked nonchalantly. She yanked again and I resisted slapping her. She was doing this for me. 

"Why we not sat with them lot?" She was being her casual self, and it made me feel better. Made me feel like I owned her trust. That even though she knew me and my scars of my stupid love triangle, she was still my friend, she wasn't jealous and mean, she was my friend. One of my best friends? Perhaps. I smiled at the thought then my smile faltered as her question registered. 

"Because I'm childish." She giggled.

"You certainly are." I scolded at her and she hastily forced me to turn back around. "Let me finish!" She yanked another time and then flung the brush into her bag. I registered the clanging of makeup and other girly 'essentials' that lived in there. She dug into the massive bag and pulled out a compact mirror. She flipped it open and assessed her situation, deciding she needed to apply some sort of makeup, she handed the compact over to me and went searching. I dared to look, and found a different person staring back at me. She looked beautiful. Yes, I said it. Her dark, black, raven locks curled perfectly around her pale face, making it seem like she was glowing, the hair seemed to have life, sitting a inch or two higher than my head. My simple makeup seemed perfectly in proportion to the mass of hair, it sent a message of Independence. Perfect. I turned from left to right examining the face, making sure it was mine, and not one she had sellotaped to the mirror. I smiled as my jaw dropped. 

"How?!" I looked up at Nat my face a picture of gratefulness. She chuckled, applying a layer of pink lip gloss in yet another compact. I rolled my eyes and watched in the mirror how my eye lashes worked with the movement. I bit my lip through the massive smile that graced my lips. I had to prevent myself from jumping up. 

"I'm good right? Now, if Mr Hotty chooses that bitch over this"- she indicated to me- "then you need to forget about him! I doubt he can resist this" She winked at me. Her lashes looking fake, they were that long and full. I shook my head, smiling like an idiot. 

"Your amazing Nat. Dress me more often?" I teased. She took it seriously and nodded as she inspected herself again. 

"Sure Cass. I'd love to. So, you never answered my question." I looked at her with sarcasm plastered on my face. 



"Affirmative." I giggled. She grabbed my hand as the bell rung through the hall, the flurry of students walking on to period three. I felt my happiness die. I had P.E. Nat felt my resilience. She sighed. 

"I'll sort it out after whatever stupid sport we're stuck doing." I smiled. I'm sure she's telepathic. 

"Good luck Nat, we got rugby." Her eyes widened. 

"Rugby? Seriously?" I nodded. She rolled her eyes, she did it well. We could be twins. Kinda. That would be cool. I poofed my hair a little feeling like a real girl for once. We walked past the canteen just as they exited. They stood, and stared. 


Ash's P.O.V-

Where was she? I was stuck with an overly clingy and a depressed looking boyfriend. Ugh. I wanted her to come and sit with me. So I could sneakily make loving gestures. Secretly. But she probably wouldn't let me. Was she still jealous of Becky? Was she actually jealous? If she was than that was enough for me to hold onto. The bell's high pitched shrill rang through the hallways and also rather loudly in the canteen. I groaned silently and removed Becky from my arm. She was begging to make me feel sick. Her overly clingy persona. It bugged me. 

I trudged out of the canteen a little put out, missing my girl. Well, I guess she isn't actually mine. But how I wished she was. She was amazing. She was perfect, and we were perfect, I frowned and sighed. My hands slung in my pockets. It was then when I saw her. 

She entered from the social area, the place we'd sat in ages back, when she had been badly beaten I could do nothing but sit and watch her get cleaned. She'd spent over 15 minutes applying makeup in the girls toilet that day. Why? I don't know. Because she was so beautiful already. She didn't need it. She had her arm tugged by Nat, she was also a very pretty girl, rather shy, but she was nice. Cassie deserved a friend like her. But what my eyes saw next made me have to try and control myself with all I had. Stupid I know, but when the girl you've spent almost a year having a crush on, kissing, sleeping with and whatever else we'd done, walks in looking like she'd just been to a photo shoot, a guy gets problems. ((A/N: Laughing made me have many spelling mistakes here;) )) I wanted to run up and... oh my. I don't think I should share what I wanted to do... But he was stood there. Oh how I envy you Liam. Becky came bounding along but stopped in her tracks as my beautiful Cassie passed. She waved feebly and Nat seemed smug. Had she done this? If so I may have to beg her to do it more often. I felt my jaw dropping and I regained my posture. Aware I may collapse at the sight of her majesty, I bit at my lip. Oh Cassie Brooks, you little tease.


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