Burning Ashes (Sequel to Willow House)

Cassie Brooks has a heart rendering decision to make, between Ash and Liam. Who will she choose?


15. Blood Red Monster


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Cassie’s P.O.V Cont-



I twirled the deep red locks, watching in amazement as they danced around my face when I moved. I couldn’t hold away my smile. I jumped up and ran from my room, not bothering to shut the door. I had to show him... Him... But who?  Which do I go to first? I closed my eyes and ran towards his room. I opened the door not caring about whether he was busy or not, I blinked a little and grinned absurdly. 


“Ash look.” I bit my lip and could barely control my hands, I was fidgeting with happiness. Ash was in the middle of slipping a hoodie on and finished before turning to look at me. He stared. Eyes wide, shock on his face. His mouth fell open slightly and I giggled uncontrollably jumping up and down on the spot. “Isn’t it amazing!?” I chimed


“C-Cassie...” He came towards me and took the stray lock on the left side of my face in his palm. I bit down harder on my lip as my smile grew. 


“Isn’t it beautiful!?” I scrunched up my face and hugged him. He barely responded, which nagged me a bit. I stepped back, to see his face again. 


“What have you done?” He said coldly.


“I-I only dyed it, I- I mean, I-j-just...” I stuttered my happiness faltering greatly. “I thought you’d like it...” I trailed off. Shattered, like a mirror. I felt myself slumping. I thought it had been such an amazing achievement, made me everything I wanted to be, and Ash didn’t like it. He realized and tried to save himself.


“N-no! I mean, it’s nice, I just, you, it... Ah... It’s... Different...” He smiled weakly though his brows still furrowed at my hair. 


“Forget it.” I mumbled, turning on my heels and leaving the room. 


“Don’t leave!” He called after me, but I was already gone. I decided to make a plan B and headed towards Liam’s room. What am I now? A monster... Blood red monster. I hung my head and pushed the open door, hearing Ash’s slam shut behind him. 


“L-Liam?” I stuttered once again. He looked up from the laptop he was crouching before and his eyes widened as Ash’s did, but then a confused half smile spread across his face. He jumped off of the bed and I shut the door gently, a small smile creeping over my lips. This was different. 


“Wow.” He laughed, curling the same lock Ash had just held. “It’s red.” I rolled my eyes, my old habit returning.


“Well done genius.” I said with a rasp in my voice. It was supposed to be sarcastic and strong, but it was a slight whisper instead. He cupped my face, his hand was warm and it was unusual for such a thing. He leaned closer to me, and I felt myself in a pool of deja vu. Can I really forgive Liam just like that for what he’s done to Ash? “Say sorry.” I whispered, his lips close to mine, something I used to lay awake at night wishing for, had come back for me to push it away.


“Sorry.” He smiled as he said the words. It’s been a while since he’d really smiled. I found myself laughing slightly. 


“Not to me, silly...” I fiddled with the buttons on his school shirt, which he still had on. “To Ash.” Liam’s smile disappeared and he stepped away, causing my fumbling fingers to hover lonely in the air. 


“No.” He stated rather coldly and my head fell again, the red falling around my face. 


“Please?” I did my best puppy eyes at the frowning boy. He grumbled. “You hurt him Liam!” I prodded, creeping closer to him. 


“He’s too cocky. He deserved it.” I huffed. 


“Yeah, I know. Most he did deserve, but... Not all of it.” I said softly.


“Cassie...” He moaned. I smiled at how my Liam, the one I’d fell in love with, was beginning to shine through. 


“C’mon, a little sorry.” I smiled at him, and hugged him. His arms immediately circled my little body and even lifted me from the ground. I began giggled as he jostled my body, his hands holding me a little below the butt and leaving me inches higher than him. I sighed at how awkward boobs could be. The fact that I was thinking about boobs right now made me laugh. Out loud. Hey! I lolled! 


“What’s so funny?” Liam began laughing with me. 


“Oh nothing.” I calmed and then started again, laughing as he spun my in a circle. before plopping my bobbing red head on his bed. He stifled his laughter and played with my wavy red locks. 


“It suit you.” He said, smiling. His eyes glistening brightest blue as the smile reached his eyes, causing his pale face to lighten up completely. 


“You make it so hard y’know...” I whispered as he rested the lock of hair against my neck. “It’s like now, when you shine through. When the guy...” I sat up and leaned over his half sat body. 


“Yes...?” He whispered against my lips. 


“When the guy... I fell in love with...  I really see...” He smiled weakly and lightly pressed his lips against mine. Nothing too passionate, a simple kiss. He pulled away, my guilt spiking. 


“You will... Choose me... Right?” I looked down, ashamed with myself. 


“I-I...” I. That’s all I could say. It in its self is selfish. That’s what I was, selfish. Liam pushed me back as he came to stand up. He looked back at me looking dim on the bed. 


“Please smile, it makes your eyes sparkle.” He said before leaving me in his room. I tucked a strand of red behind my ear and watched as he headed away. What was I to do?







I slipped down the stairs and dragged myself into the kitchen. Charley was playing with some plastic dinosaurs on the dining table, with Freddy sat watching. I smiled at him and sat beside him. He looked over at me and sent the dinosaur to eating my hair. 


“Cassie’s bleeding, eat her meat!” He said in his cute little voice. I giggled and holstered the boy and his dinosaur onto my lap. 


“I’m not bleeding!” I said at him, rubbing my nose against his. I laughed, that child’s laugh and made the dinosaur bite my nose. 


“Nom Nom, eat it.” He said. I looked over and clutched Freddy. 


“I’ll eat Freddy!” I warned him. His face fell and so did the dinosaur as he reached for Freddy. I leaned back and taunted him a little. 


“Dinopaurs sowwy! No eaty Cassie.” I loved how kids talked. I winked at him and sent tattered teddy Freddy into the arms of his loving owner. He jumped off my lap waddled away. I got up and pushed the chair under, forgetting completely why I was in here in the first place. I tucked the chair under and knocked the left Dino on the floor. I bent down and picked up the plastic toy smiling absently and placing it with the other that had also been abandoned on the table. 


“Playing with dinosaurs now are we?” I swung round, my hair following in a dress like fashion, till my eyes locked at the grinning Ash that stood in the doorway. 


“Yeah, yeah, they’re all the rage. I started the fad of course. They’ll be a big hit in America.” I said sarcastically, analyzing the come back too well. I chuckled, his hands slung in his pockets, head hung slightly. 


“Your so crazy girl.” I smiled at this. 


“True. I’ve also ruined myself right? Don’t see how there was anything to ruin but...” I gripped the back of the chair I’d pushed in. Ash shuffled closer, dragging his feet. He came beside me and gripped the chair near to my fingers. I watched his hands. 


“I never said that.” He said in a low voice. “I never said you’d ruined yourself. Your, beautiful self...” He received an eye roll at this. “If anything, I thought you didn’t need to change... You just... Surprised me.” I looked away. 


“Stop trying to cover your tracks.” I said with some strength. 


“I don’t want to fall out with you Cassie.” I turned to him. My eyes a little watery. 


“Neither do I, but you both keep making this so hard! You keep...Doing things that make me feel so good, and so guilty at the same time! It’s evil! Like the devils trying to force me to the edge, and he succeeded! I tried, Lord knows, I tried to do as Satan said, but no, I’m still here, fine. Fine. Really? Y’know, I wish I had died Ash. That was the idea. To never have to hurt anymore, to never have to hurt you...Or Liam...” I pushed past him, tears prickling my eyes, stinging with guilt.


“Cassie!” Ash grabbed my wrist, my good one, and twirled me back into his arms. “I’m sorry! Okay! I’m sorry! How many times do I have to say it? Do I have to say it to him too? Is that what you want? What do you want Cassie? I’ll do it, I don’t care anymore, if you want me to go away, I’ll go.” I felt my tears boil over and fall over my cheeks. I sobbed against his arms.


“I don’t want anything, but to not to have to hurt anyone anymore.” I whispered against his arm. His hug tightened on me. I began crying louder, till they were more than pitiful sobs. It was then that Liam stood in the doorway. Both me and Ash looked over to see him enter. His face hardened, but softened and his fists unclenched when he saw me crying. I saw him only through the blur of my tears. Ash released me as Liam ran up to us. I stumbled a little and calmed my sobs. Wiping ferociously at my makeup stained face. Great, looking ugly as well. Liam grabbed my body and took me into a hard hug. One hand pressed against the back of my head, the other round my waist, holding me to him. 


“Shh.” He hushed. 


“I’m fine!” I pushed him away. Rubbing at my sore face. I stood between my two disasters, all I was was a mess. A problem that was ruining their lives. 






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