Burning Ashes (Sequel to Willow House)

Cassie Brooks has a heart rendering decision to make, between Ash and Liam. Who will she choose?


10. Because I Love You


((A/N: OH ASH GRANGEFIELD! CALM YOURSELF BOY!! Hheheeh, I forgot how fun it was to write Ashes! Btw, Ash's hair is now quite long in my head. r ^_^ Just thought I'd Tell yah! Liam has never really changed as I said earlier, Their a good match up. They were more different before, when Ash had shorter hair, but I kinda have a thing for the long haired thing:3 Anyway...

You guys are so aweshum!! Your support, Reads, Comments mean everything to me! So do continue, that would be great!

Anyways, here's the ninth bit:) Enjoy!BeyondLawliet))

Cassie's P.O.V-

I felt like a popular. I hated but loved it. The undoubted attention that spiralled my way. I see why they are like they are. But I wont be like that. Nat decided to partner with me and I was so happy. Becky glared at me before flipping her red hair and finding another girl to beat at rugby. Rugby. Hmm, Nat will be fun to tackled. I bit my lip and felt myself become giddy, this might actually be fun. The boys started to walk across the field. To my annoyance many looked this way. They were such perverts. Watching the girls. Most of the time, the populars occupied their attention. But I was getting stares, and so was Nat. She was being super confident. Waving and winking. I pulled at my shorts. Yes, shorts. Apparently the black lump of clothing I snatched for P.E this morning was not my shirt and joggers, but a freaking pair of shorts. I tugged, glad my legs were decent, and shaved for once. Holy lord. I really felt like a popular bitch now. But I wasn't splaying myself all over the pitch. Showing off, and being simply a popular bitch. I tugged again and someone whistled behind me. I looked over my shoulder, Nat following. Her eyebrows arching at the boys watching us as they walked further down. She made a face and then giggled.

"They don't like it!" She whispered to me, pointing to the populars that were sending dark looks our way. I bit my lip again, tucking a stray backcombed strand of Nat's amazing styling behind my ear. I looked down, not used to all the attention. I didn't like it. I guess a tiny bit. But... It still felt wrong. Nat started chuckling beside me, ignoring the instruction to warm up in pairs. I motioned for her to start stretching and I started, hoping she was following my lead. 

"Oh! Do that again! They like it!" I refrained and followed her childish gaze. To my horror I saw Ash, a couple others and Liam watching me. She tugged on my arm. "Again! Again!" I slapped her arm. 



No!" I shook my head and crossed my arms over my chest feeling a shiver coming on. She bit her finger. A mischievous grin on her face. 

"Okay, well I need to stretch, help me." I should I have known what she did next. She started stretching her legs.  I sighed and copied. She chuckled and only when the boys laughter died did I realised how compromising my position was. Simply, my ass was in the air. I tried to recollect my body when a cheeky hand slapped me. I panicked and landed on said ass. The grass, slightly wet and cold. I sulked. My bottom lip pouting. Ash you arsehole! I glared at him, but he was laughing too hard. 

"O-oh man!" He coughed out. I punched his leg and he pulled me from the ground. I panicked and wiped the clinging strands of grass and mud from my butt. I sighed as I came face to face with a cheeky Ash. My eyes drooped till pure sarcasm spread across my face. He smiled and came a little closer. No! No! No! Ash! 

"Mr Grangefield! Would you mind leaving the girls pitch, or would you d'rather spend half an hour with me after school?" Caught, serves you right cheeky bastard. A smug smile fitted my lips and he hung his head in shame as he walked away. 

"Bye Ash!" Becky called over to him. Her voice high and annoying. I ran a hand through my hair and averted my eyes from the staring crowds. I looked up again to find Liam staring at me also. His face looked like he was about to kill Ash. He probably was. And I couldn't protect him now. I sighed and turned my death stare to Nat. 

"What? He noticed you... With some help." She winked at me. She wasn't helping my situation, or my choice. 




After Rugby, we got dressed, and the whole of the changing room had the gossip to give. Most of it centering around me and Ash. Ashes sneaky tap, the slap, the 'relationship' between us. Ugh. I could kill him myself... Once again. Once Nat had prepped me again, though I hated the feeling of being cared for and messed with, I enjoyed the outcome, so I guess I'd have to put up with it, we exited the changing rooms, bags over arms, and entered the canteen. I refused to eat, knowing I only had enough money for my plan. I chewed on my sleeve fabric, taking in the scene. Nat sat beside me, and Teresa was sat on the other table again. Again I felt guilty. Was it my fault? The boys finally came into the canteen followed by a hyper Becky. She sat opposite me and I had to control my legs from kicking her. She stuck her tongue out jokingly. I smiled through my sleeve. I nearly jumped for joy when Ash slipped in on my other side. I hid my happiness as Liam took a seat next to Becky, opposite Ash. Nat raised her eyebrows but didn't look away from her sandwich. I bit my lip again, this and eyes were becoming permanent habits. Ash smiled down at me and winked playfully. Liam coughed, still glaring. 

"Touch my girlfriend again, and I swear to god-" Liam piped up, but was interrupted.

"Liam. May I just say, that Cassie and you were never officially made an 'item' again. Your just playing with her like a toy actually. So, to rephrase that... If you continue to 'play' with her, then it will be who will be hurting you." I stared at him. My mouth dropped, lips parted and I could only sit and watch as Liam's temper boiled over the surface.


Ash's P.O.V-

I couldn't take it anymore. They way he claimed her, marked her as his property. It pissed me off. I allowed myself to be cocky, to answer back and defend her. Because if I didn't, I may have lost her altogether. 

"Liam. May I just say, that Cassie and you were never officially made an 'item' again. Your just playing with her like a toy actually. So, to rephrase that... If you continue to 'play' with her, then it will be who will be hurting you."  I expressed the difference between myself and Liam. I wanted her. I needed her. I'm sounding possessive. But it's true. I can give her everything she needed, I didn't leave her when she was in the darkest of places, I didn't chill her to her bones, I didn't see her background as the truth, I believed her, when he had nothing but hatred for her. I showed her everything... He gave her nothing. Still, she clung to such a vile person. If only I could make her see. 

Liam rose from his seat and sauntered over to the edge where I sat, leaning on the table. Acting cool. His facade of incompetence, depression, whatever he kept up, it all disappeared and the original, his old, cocky self returned. I despised the fact I used the find this guy amazing. My best friend. Fuck that shit. 

"Are you trying to say something, Ash?" He smiled sarcastically. 

I flipped him off and planted a light kiss on Cassie's parted lips. Her eyes widened, Natalie stared, eyebrows nearly disappearing into her hair, Becky... Well, Becky looked distraught. 

"That's It!" Liam grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me to face him. I smiled, the same sarcastic smile he had just presented. 

"What? What are you gunna do? You've gone soft Davenport!" The canteen had fallen almost completely silent and every pair of eyes darted our way, they yearned a fight. Well then, cant upset the crowd. I smiled, but came face to face with a punch in the jaw. My head went slamming onto the table. My vision blurred slightly and my jaw line throbbed. 

"Hey!" Becky's annoying, shrill like voice rung through my head. I heard a slap and looked up to see she'd smacked Liam straight across the face. Nice one. Okay, so the girls got something. I turned to Cassie, her face full of horror. She cared about me. She truly did. She cared if I got hurt. That's all I needed. I smiled through my pain as a tear escaped her eyes. She cupped my face in her soft hands. Gentle and cold. 

"Why?" She murmured. Her lips shaking. "Why do you do it Ash?" She rubbed at the tear. 

"Because..." This was it, now or never. I could hear the orchestra in the background. She looked into me and I fell closer to her face, my body strewn across the chairs. "Because I love you." I stumbled slightly over the last bits, my smile wide and grin like. Her face lightened up and she leaned into me, her lips pressed to mine and for a second, I felt like heaven had hit me. She parted her lips, intending to deepen the kiss, but as she did, someone caught my leg and pulled me from her, and off of the chairs. I grumbled. Liam ran to the doors of the canteen. 

"Come show me what you've got Grangefield." He laughed to me and ran out of the canteen, supposedly out onto the field. I came to my feet and ran after him.


Cassie's P.O.V-

"Because..." He was so close. My emotions couldn't hold myself in anymore. I didn't care if everyone was watching me. I was hurting too many. I couldn't keep up pleasing everyone. But what really made my heart ache, was the way Ash always put himself out for me. Always took the blow. Sometimes its his own fault, but most times. It's for me. My brain recollected the times he's been there for me, believed me when no one else did. Ash was there through it all. 

"Because I love you." He stumbled over his words slightly as the weight of such meaningful words escaped his lips. A smile spread across his face. My breathing hitched, my heart ached, my lips and hands shaking. Was this true love? Such stupidity we read about in books, watch scripts being played out before us on T.V and films. Could it really be... This? If so, it hurts more than they make out. My tears escaping rapidly, welling in my eyes. I looked into his, deep, trusting, happy. He wasn't lying. I clasped his face in my hands, steadying them somewhat. I did then what will surely have me loose everything. Everything but Ash. I pressed my lips to his and let his warmth flood my body. The thing I yearned for so bady. I did it. I ignored Becky's horrified face, Nat happy, yet hidden looks, and Liam, regaining sense over his slap. I parted my lips as I felt my guilt pierce through me. As Liam's face dropped. The sight of me outright hurting him. My battered and bruised heart earned another hole as Ash took my movement the wrong way. He sought to deepen our kiss, I wanted it, but I didn't. Liam's eyes burning through me. What have I done?

Liam ripped Ash from me, causing him to fall to the floor. He chuckled darkly and half smiled at my teary face. It was so dark, so evil and so... tantalizingly seductive... I didn't know what to do. He ran off towards the exit, all eyes in the room following his escape. Ash came to his feet, fists clenched. 

"Come show me what you've got Grangefield." He opened his arms in an attempt to 'invite' Ash to his request. He wanted a fight, and Ash wouldn't back down. 

No! Ash please! Liam stop it! No! Don't do this! If only I had the guts to tell this to them myself. I clutched at my chest, feeling pain spike through it as if a dagger had pierced my skin. Becky slapped my face. It became sore, I knew it had become red also. 

"You kissed MY Ash! You-" She began. 

"Bitch please." Natalie slapped Becky. Hard. It left Becky unstable and she fell back into her seat. Nat inspected her nails and bit her cheek. "Sit down." She smiled. The irony of the moment. Whilst Becky was shakily regaining her ability to sit, never mind speak, Nat hauled me out of the canteen and sent me to follow the boys. 



What have I done...?


((A/N; Wow.))

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