Burning Ashes (Sequel to Willow House)

Cassie Brooks has a heart rendering decision to make, between Ash and Liam. Who will she choose?


11. Ash's Blood


Ash’s P.O.V-

I wasn’t giving in to this dick. I ran a hand through my hair, surprised at how long it had become. I rubbed my jaw, but not because it was awkward, because it was slightly sore. If I could, I’d turn on my heels and have Cassie keep me safe, have her stroke my face, kiss it better. Impossible...Perhaps, but I could always try right? But not right now. Now I was going to take whatever he was about to give me. If I fought back would it hurt her? Would she cry for him, if I hurt him? But I couldn’t just stand and take it... Could I? I would for her. But...

I rounded the corner, up on the field, the air seemed icy. I rolled the sleeves of my blazer up, and walked around the technology block. Was this where Cassie and Teresa had their spat? I couldn’t be sure. I wasn’t there. I’d been in drama like an idiot. I wish I’d been there for her, she had no one then.  Liam was stood, his left foot against the wall, hands in pockets, he seemed calm. But under that skin he was boiling. I smiled at him, as much as I wanted to kick the shit out of the arsehole, if I could avoid it, I would... For Cassie’s sake. 

“You just don’t know when to give up, do yah Ash?” He came up to me and smacked me in the face. I clutched at the bruising cheek. 

“Shit.” I mumbled. My breathing becoming intense. My body was pumping with adrenaline. I swung at Liam and hit his jaw. Right where he’d hit me earlier. I laughed.

“An eye for an eye my friend.” I smirked, pleased with my actions, onto have my guts almost hit from my stomach. I was slammed against the wall. Liam sent his fist into my stomach. I arched my body over at the pain. He grabbed my face and punched my cheek again. The skin breaking at his fist, blood staining his white knuckles. I tripped and fell to the ground. The grass wet. I could feel the chilly cutting at my throat. The grey sky dimming the world around me. The world that spun and blurred. I’d lost.

I’d lost.

What do I do now?








Cassie’s P.O.V-



I rounded the corner, up onto the field, where me and Teresa had fought before. I shook the memories as Nat pulled me onwards. 


“Come on!” She yelled at me, and I made my legs move. They ached, why? I don’t know. The cold, grey outside world seemed dim and lifeless, like someone had died.

Someone had died... 

Oh please no. I ran, ahead of Nat, who seemed to be lagging now, up onto the field where I found Ash struggling on the floor. I stood in horror as Liam grabbed his face and punched his already bleeding cheek. Once, twice, three times, before letting his head drop to the ground. Ash’s body seemed to be convulsing slightly. He was in a slight fetus position, protecting his stomach, and trying to get up with his free arm. As I ran towards his body, Liam kicked him in the stomach. Ash yelped out in pain and his body fell flat on the cold, hard ground.


“Ash!” I cried out, tears pouring down my pale cheeks. Liam looked up at me, anger in his face. I ignored him and came tumbling in front of Ash. Screaming his name. 




Ash’s P.O.V-



My vision blurred as Liam kicked me in my already bruising stomach. It hurt to breath, my face bleeding from his blows. Had I really just stood by and let this happen. From a distance I heard someone shout my name. I tried to turn, but my body lay flat. The floor, as hard and cold as it was, seemed an easier escape. I lay low, hoping I wouldn’t have to take no more. Then, there, through my blurred eyes, she came to me. Her body falling before me, tears staining her pale face, her mouth moving, but I didn’t hear a word. She seemed to sway slightly, or was that me? I gripped the ground, pulling a mound of mud and grass out with me. Trying, without success to steady myself. 


“Ash! ASH!” She screamed at me, her voice finally hitting me. It’s strained tone, loud and high. Distress ringing through my head. She still cared. I groaned as the pain spiked through me when I moved. I ignored it, and reached for her. But some arms pulled her away. 


NO! My head screamed for me.Though she began to blur more as she was taken away, I could  see her resisting him. She was kicking and screaming, until she finally got away. She tripped, alike myself and fell to the floor. I gritted my teeth and came half way to sitting up. She basically crawled across the ground to me. 


“Ash... Oh Ash.” Her voice softened. I smiled weakly up at her through the pain. She pulled my body, half sat, onto her lap, my head rested gratefully on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry Cassie.” I forced myself to choke out. And as I did, my weakness overflowed, and a tear dripped from my eye and stained her shirt. 




Cassie’s P.O.V-


I struggled, not caring if the captivator was Liam or not. I could only see Ash laying there, helpless. I kicked, my arms flailing everywhere, until I finally released myself. I tripped, unstable  without the hold, and fell to the ground. I silently whimpered to myself as it cold, hard front hit me. I crawled, on my hands and knees, over to him. I clutched his body in my arms.


“Ash... Oh Ash.” I had no other words to say, my tears betraying me. He smiled, though it caused him great pain. I stroked his cheek, the one not purple and bleeding. I pulled his body onto my lap, he rested his head on my shoulder. His hand shakily cupped my cheek, and as his arm was about to fall, I caught his hand and tilted my face into his hand. His hand. Usually so warm and beautiful, was like ice on my skin. The heat dying from it. I shivered, but held on tightly. His eyes seemed to well slightly and his weak smile faltered. 


“I’m sorry Cassie.” He choked out. His other arm clutching his stomach area. He turned his head into my hair and rested in the nook of my neck. That’s when I felt a single warm tear escape his eye and drip onto my shirt. My tears had already dampened his shirt beyond belief. I started rocking with his in my arms. Hid hand fell from my face and lay on the ground, no strength to hold it up. I clung to his body as he tried his best to keep breathing normally. 


“What have you done.... What have you done!” I screamed at Liam as he passed. Disgust on his face. Ash turned into my body more hiding himself from Liam. He gripped at my shirt and I felt him shaking slightly. Was he that badly hurt? But I was wrong. 




Ash’s P.O.V-


As she cradled me in her arms, I only grew with more strength, she spat the words to Liam. 


“What have you done!” It gave me everything to hear her like this. Ashamed of him. Choosing me? Maybe. I turned into her, trying to control my anger. This was silly, I shouldn’t be injured like this. It should be him in need of comfort! But if it was the other way around, would I have lost this? Not had Cassie come running to me, but to a defeated Liam instead? He didn’t deserve it. I trembled, my anger boiling. I wanted to kill him. I did. I gripped at her shirt shakily. Don’t do it. Stay with her. As right as my inner conscience may have been, I ignored it fully. 


I came straight to my feet in a single motion. My stomach ached, but I ignored that also, along with my jaw which throbbed. My fists clenched and unclenched. I gulped and stood there. In front of her, part of me saying that he may lunge out at her defending me. 


“You just don’t know when to give up do you Ash?” He said over his shoulder. Liam carried on walking as Nat came into view. She saw my state and clasped a hand over her mouth. Liam whispered something to her as he passed and she frowned at his words. He walked away smiling. As soon as he was gone, my kegs buckled underneath me and I sat on the ground again.


“Ash!” She came up behind me and held up my body. I rested against her again. 


“Hello beautiful.” she sniffled and wiped at a tear. 


“Don’t call me that.” She intended to be harsh, but she stumbled over her words as she wiped angrily at her tears and smiled through the words. I sat up and pulled her into my arms.


“You can’t stop me.” I murmured into her hair. It felt good the minute she hugged me back. She clung tightly to me, resting her teary face on my chest. I stroked her raven hair, calming her and myself. Cassie finally came out of the embrace and shakily got to her feet. She held a hand out to me and I took it, merely because I wanted to hold her hand. I smiled and entwined my fingers with hers. Becky finally came round the corner. I wonder what took her so long? She folded her arms at the sight of me and Cassie holding hands but then Nat sent her a scary look and she lost her edge of cockiness. She let her arms dropped and smiled. I sighed and let Cassie walk me to the infirmary. I needed cleaning up this time. 



Cassie’s P.O.V- 



As we stood there hand in hand, something I hadn’t done in a long while, Becky finally reached the pitch. She sulked, her lip pouted and arms crossed. Nat came beside me and I could almost taste the evil emitting from her. Becky took one glance then looked down before dropping her arms and smiling at us. I smiled back weakly. I wonder if I’ll get my old friend back. 






While Ash was in the infirmary, I went to wash my hands. Covered in mud and grass. I looked down to see a deep red liquid staining my pale fingers. Ash’s blood... It was such a dark, rich color. So nice and... Red. Hmm. I cautiously sent it under the water and watched it dilute and rinse away. Everything had gone so quickly.


He said the words...


He had.  He’d said he loved me.

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