The Truth About Us

Elle Jay: Famous Singer, winner of many grammys currently in a relationship with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, but is the ex girlfriend of One Direction's Zayn Malik and he will do anything to get her back, even pretend he has moved on...
Georgia Mac: Famous actress winner of many Oscars, and currently dating Josh Hutcherson, but is the crush of Harry Styles who has his eyes on her and is always getting his own way.

Both girls, favourites by the press, but join the press as they uncover secrets and scandals of them


2. Elle and Georgia

"MTV News flash with Tanya"

"Hello and welcome to 10 minute news flash, I am Tanya and here are the tops stories of the day:

Elle Jay has stunned the world by being the youngest person alive to get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, sell at a debut tour and have her debut album at #1 in every charted country, but the 20 year old from London has gone past all of this to put the world into a state of a shock and happiness, yet confusion when she announced she was due to marry best friend/lover Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo, just 3 weeks after a split from One Direction’s Zayn Malik.

One Direction members are reportedly helping Malik through this tough time, Liam Payne of the same band has taken to twitter to defend the situation saying ‘Our fans are amazing to us, but need to stop tweeting death threats to Elle, she hasn’t done anything wrong" Zayn has been spotted out with heiress and reality star Emma and is said to be over the situation and happy for Elle, how much do you believe?

In other One Direction news Fashion guru and girlfriend to Harry, Kitty has released pictures from 2013 fashion line with Becky, Louis' girlfriend and Chelsea, Liam's girlfriend as the faces of 'Bronx' in all highstreet stores from January.

Also to make top stories today was the controversial relationship between Georgia Mac and Josh Hutcherson. They stared alongside eachother in the 2011 film Hoch which received a total of 6 academy awards and 3 Oscars making the couple worldwide stars since then they have been seen out together and also with One Direction member Harry where Georgia has been accused of cheating on Hutch.

That’s all top stories for today, tune in tomorrow where I will be live with Nick Grimshaw getting ready for the 2012 star awards in London where the biggest names receive stars for achievements over the year!"

Elle's p.o.v

'Hey Babe, we are in the news again!' I texted to Cristiano who was on a plane coming over with the rest of the Real Madrid team. I was staying in a 5 star hotel in London ready for the star awards where all the biggest names would be. I had called up about my outfits and apparently they were all sorted but I was still anxious, I hated not knowing if everything was under control! I had a bit of time before I had to do any promo for my album so I decided to have a quick twitter hour.

@ElleJay -How is everyone today? what we all doing'

Within' seconds my laptop was going mental with replies but at the moment there was only one i cared about, Cristiano's team mate Pepe.

@Pepe_RM - Don't worry @ElleJay, we are keeping your 'baby' safe! *1

The cheeky buggars! Being with his team they treated me like one of the guys so i was use to their banter and loved being a WAG. I replied to a few fans and followed a lot before my assistant knocked on my door and said it was time to get ready and head off for interviews and all the hype up for the star awards tomorrow, time for one last tweet though...

@ElleJay- Hey @GMac you ready to PAAARRRTTTTTAYYYYY? ;)

Georgia's P.O.V

London is one of my favourite cities in the world, and the Star Awards are by far one of my favorites’ too, and this year would be so good, I was up for 7 awards and Elle for 8. I knew my stylist would have got me some killer outfits, and that meant today I was free to do what i wanted. Since the awards were in town, you could find a celebrity at every corner turning; it would be a fangirls dream.

I was going to meet up with Elle later so we could catch up, and I think Cristiano was flying in tonight to be ready for the awards tomorrow, Real Madrid was up for ' Favourite Sports Team', they were sure to win, and even if they didn’t, they would look hot.

Just as I was about to head out to get some Nando's for lunch I got a tweet from Elle. I couldn't ignore it, I simply tweeted back

@Gmac - Er OFC! @ElleJay Like do you even know me? See you in a few!

She had been my best friend for a good amount of years now, I can't even remember, i think she was like a good friend of the times cousin, and we just clicked. She had a hectic schedule and so did i, so we got each other.

Before I left, I had a quick tweet about tomorrow's awards.

@Gmac - OMG going to fangirl so much tomorrow...when I meet Psy?!?! #CrazyTimes

Niall P.O.V

While all the boys prepared for these awards, i decided that as i had some free time, i would go over to my best friend McKenze's house, I had known her since i was first in One Direction, and we just got on so well, she's a University Students, and studying art.

She opened the door, and we went into her room, photos plastered all over the room, and an easel in the corner. McKenze was my 'date' to the awards, all of the other boys had actually dates...I didn’t, actually Zayn didn't, he wasn't actually going out with Emma, in fact he was still torn about the whole Elle situation, but he won't admit to it, poor guy, going to hit him like a ton of bricks when he sees them both tomorrow night.

"Hey Kenze, when did you take this picture? You look so young"*2 I laughed pointing at a picture of her, with really curly hair. She looked quite young in it, which meant it was totally twitter worthy.

@Nhoran – Gonna have to tame @Kenze hair for tomorrows award show

Done, now I just need to wait for her response, it was probably going to be either a hit, or a scowl of her blue eyes, either way, she wouldn’t like it.

Chelsea P.O.V

@Chels – Love modeling @Kittystyle new collection with @Beck and with a runner ahah *3

I tweeted as we sat chatting away about the star awards.

“I can’t believe how many awards I am up for!” I said looking at Becky who was surprised at her amount as well. I would be walking with Liam and Becky with Lou and it was going to be a top night. Not only that but it would be the first night our campaign for Kitty’s new clothes line would be shown and that was a big deal.

“Have you read Georgia’s tweet about Psy? Trust her to be excited over that!” Becky laughed. We had always got on well with her because we had known her before she had made it big but we hadn’t seen her in a while due to her films and our modeling and dancing so it would be good to have a catch up tonight.





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