*Poetry Competition*

This poem I wrote before christmas actually, I was going to post it leading up to the big day! But unfortunately, lack of internet meant I've had to postpone it till now. I hope you enjoy it!

P.S Can you tell me what is significant about the number of verses?... :P


1. Christmas


The time of year,

Where all is Jolly,

And all our homes

Yield ivy and holly.


The tree is up,

And to carols mum listens.

The lights, they sparkle,

And the tinsel glistens


Mince pies and mulled wine,

An early tradition,

But one that's enjoyed

In our family's rendition.


We sit by the fire

And play silly games.

With a bowl of satsumas

We soak in the flames   


The reindeer swoop down, 

Since last year they've flourished,

We put out carrots,

Just incase they're malnourished.


Sherry for santa,

and a cookie or two.

I wonder, why reindeers?

And not animals that 'moo'.


The mice scatter past,

And I ask myself a question.

What are they doing for Christmas? 

Now there's a funny suggestion.


I watch my sister open her presents,

A look of glee on her face.

But is it the gifts making her smile?

Or is it all of us in one place?


Animals tend to sleep,

As snow carpets the ground,

All is still and silent,

The snow absorbs any sound.


The turkey is finally ready,

The vegetables sit in their dish

And now as we sit at the table,

We all make our Christmas wish.


A Christmas pudding, you can't go without

Or the meal would just be lame.

Make sure you turn the lights off,

So you can watch the alcoholic flame.


But the real message of Christmas, 

Is not what festive days provide

Its about family, friends, and the people

That make all your days come alive.



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