I Cant Believe You!

Hayley is a 17 year old girl with a fantasy life-wealth, luxury ,popular but will that change when her dad decides to take the boys of one direction into their home to stay even though hayley despises those five boys find out in~


5. Chapter 5


its been couple days since me and Hayley started dating i havent taken her out for a true date yet but i need to make it spectacular! right now im in liams room talking about his problems hes had a bad breakup with dani i feel really bad for him "Harry what do you think were we a good couple?" he gulped at the sound of him using past tense "Well Li i think she was just using you for fame seeing as she cheated" "well yea but i love her." "Li i guess your just gonna have to move on and forget about her" "okay i guess. so you and hayley huh?" ahhhh hayley i love her to pieces.... "well Li i gotta tell you somethin" "sure what is it?" "well i need your help picking out our true first date i want it to be special" when i finished he sat there and after awhile his eyes light up and he went towards his dresser and pulled out to tickets..... but to what?  "here these are carnival tickets i was supposed to take dani but you know.." yes! these are perfect! "Thanks Li what time are these for?" "7:00 sharp okay and dont worry about it" after that i walked over to Hayleys room.




i was on my bed thinking about hte past couple events when i got a phone call. "hello?" "oh hey its Melissa!" melissa is my bestfriend but we havent talked in awhile did i tell you she HATES one direction too? "oh hai Mel hows life" "well i just broke up with Ryan and i dont really feel heartbroken?"  "Mel that means you never really had feelings for him"  "oh....maybe i didnt" "yea well you wanna comeover?" i replied "yea sure ive got nothing to do anyways." thats when i forgot i had one direction at my bungalow "wait! i need to tell you one more thing" "yea what is it?" "one directions at my house theyll be staying here for a month or so.." she paused and then answered "please ill act like those bastards are not even there byee!" "bye hun!" with that i hung up......

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