I Cant Believe You!

Hayley is a 17 year old girl with a fantasy life-wealth, luxury ,popular but will that change when her dad decides to take the boys of one direction into their home to stay even though hayley despises those five boys find out in~


4. Chapter 4



i was up in my room on twitter when my notifactions blew up! thousands of directioners direct messaging me. some of them haters others were supporting... how did they find out who i am..... i was checking my mentions when oh crap.. stupid louis!! he tweeted : i made a new friend today living with her for a month or two @Hayleylovesyou oh god! louis what did you do!! when to louis room i knocked and zayn opened i wasnt in the mood for talking to him so i went under his arm did i mention im mid~short for a seventeen year old im 5'5 yea im short but i made my way in and lou was on his laptop tweeting something i looked at what he was writing: im boreed here at @hayleylovesyou house come out your room ;) before he hit send i screamed! "LOUIS WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!?" he jumped at the sound of my scream and said "calm down love im just sending a tweet" he said softly it made my knees melt NO hayley stop!!  "sorry lou but you cant they slready know my name and im getting hate for it" i showed him my direct messages and he frowned and hugged me he erased what he wrote and shooed me out his room when i got to my room my laptop dinged....it was lou he wrote: hey! i didnt tweet to @hayleylovesyou for you guys to hate!??! and i know exactly whos doing so becareful what you say!  awww louis so sweet! then comes more hate in my direct messaging more ugly words like bitch and slut or whore or even in a diffrent languages! a tear rolled down my cheek and i wrote a tweet ill probably regret.. "hey guys im jut letting you know that calling me a slut or whore wont work cause im still a virgin!" and with that i sent it i got alot!! of repleys and thousands of retweets i closed my laptop and when to the bathroom and fixed my mascara that had ruined when my tear fell like my dad used to tell me "showing your tears will make you look weak" ill never forget that one! i walked back to my room and started playing Fun Run on my ipad untill harry came in.... he walked in and smiled at me i smiled back he stood infront of me and start talking "Hayley ive known for a couple days but you attract me like a magnet! sorry for the cheesyness but Hayley will you be my girlfriend?" i automatically jumped and kissed him it was so passionate oh man! im falling for Harry Styles falling hard! we separated and i said "Harry Harry Styles of course ill be your girlfriend" and with that he put a ring on my finger it was beautiful it was a pearl it had shimmers all over it how beautiful! i looked at him and teared up i was so happy.....

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