I Cant Believe You!

Hayley is a 17 year old girl with a fantasy life-wealth, luxury ,popular but will that change when her dad decides to take the boys of one direction into their home to stay even though hayley despises those five boys find out in~


3. Chapter 3



i was sitting next to hayley playing with her hair as she played games on her laptop. I was staring at her, she is beautiful and i hope nobody takes her away from me aleast i hope Niall has been getting on suspicious by the way him ans hayley were this morning it made me jealous or maybe i was over reacting or maybe he likes her?!?!!! oh he better not!! just calm down harry calm down i realized she was staring right at me i smiled and kissed her she kissed back but that was it. she got up and headed down stairs because the door bell rung and i went to go confront Niall about my feelings i went to the room he shared with liam and zayn and he was sitting there on his laptop watching cartoons. i went and sat next to him and paused the episode "whats up mate?" he said "um Niall mate i wanted to ask you a question" "i dont like her mate" he said with no emotion "howed you know i was gonna ask that?" "by the way you looked at me this morning when she was pinching my cheeks" he said "well it looked like you liked her"  i said "well i dont she wasnt made for me she was made for YOU" "now leave me to watch my cartoons" ha said and i left i felt so accomplished after talking with Niall. I ran down stairs to find my beautiful girlfr.... shit i didnt ask her to be my girlfriend!?!! i have to go buy her something special! when i reached the bottom i sat right next to her and she smiled "hayley i like to know more about you" "umm okay then! well im Hayley Worths um my favorite color is Pearl i love kitty cats and i play soccer" wow she said everything that explains me except for the first part haha "well thank for the information" "your welcome whatd you need it for?" shes so cute when shes confused!  "oh nothing i just wanted to know you better" "are you okay you seem tense?" ughh why can people see right through me..... "yea im fine just a bit hot in here" "oh im sorry ill go fix the heater" she said then got up and came back a couple minutes later "is that better?" "yea its perfect love thank you" "well im going to head to the store tto pick something up for my mum is that okay love?" "yea it fine go ahead" she said and i kissed her and drove off when i got to the store i quickly made my way to the jewelry section once i got there i laid eyes on the most beautiful thing EVER i knew it was PERFECT!! it was a pearl necklace with a liittle clam holding it!i made my way to the cashier and paid it wasnt that much just $340 i know it sounds like a lot but when your a mega popstar heart throb youll understand. as i was walking out the paps had taken picture of me but it was fine like what were they going to use it for? i got back to the house with no fans which was fantastic and the paps left but they still didnt know i had a yet to be my girlfriend! once i stepped in Hayley wasnt on the couch but before i could ask her to be my girlfriend ill have to confront her father so i went to the kitchen and he was making lunch "you didnt have to do that" i said "you are guests aren't you?" "yea but not like that" "harry its okay i like to cook" maybe later you could teach me how to?" "okay but first whatd you need?" oh god im so nervous.....  "well i was going to get your permission to go out with hayley i mean if thats oka...." i was cut off by him "harry its okay dont be shy and yes you can go out with her!"  "oh what a relief! um by the why i got hayley this necklace so that i could ask her out" "why harry your such a gentlemen now get her!" with that i went upstairs  oh shit what if she says no im so scared....... 


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