I Cant Believe You!

Hayley is a 17 year old girl with a fantasy life-wealth, luxury ,popular but will that change when her dad decides to take the boys of one direction into their home to stay even though hayley despises those five boys find out in~


2. Chapter 2



After i left hayley's room i went straight to my bedroom and took a quick  shower i went to my bed and took my phone went on twitter most of my mentions were nice and others were just horrific like how could you say that about somebody you never even met?! it makes absolutely no sense! i logged off of twitter and just laid there and thought about my day with hayley oh hayley was a beautiful girl and funny. i fell asleep with Hayley on mind....




I woke up on my own today it felt wierd because i uasually wake up from the light or my phone going off from a text but today i woke by myself wow i walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and applied my makeup as usual then wenmt to my closet and put on a pair of ripped dark blue skinny jeans and a white v-neck top with a pair of white vans. after i skipped down stairs and there was a note on the counter: Dear Hayley, i went to the store to buy more flour be back in an hour Love You! -dad

i went to the cabinet and got out some fruit loops and milk i poured my bowl and then five other bowls. after i poured orange juice then made some toast with butter. After i ran upstairs and knocked on the boys door Liam answered "oh hey liam i just came to say breakfast i ready" i said then he smiled and replied "why thank you ill be down in a second!" he was so sweet, what!?! hayley what are you saying to yourself?!?! okay calm down calm down after that i walked back downstairs and started to eat my food when Niall came running down the stairs he ran straight to the table and sat next to me "good morning hayley!" he said brightly then dug in his plate i giggled at the mess he was making on his face, "whats wrong?" he asked " you just look adorable when you eat" i laughed again this time he was blushing and i pinched his fat cheeks and then he laughed a my pinching then i heard somebody clear their throat it was Harry shit i saw the jealousy in his eyes but then it faded away and then filled with joy as he walked over to me and kissed my cheek which made me blush "good morning sweetheart!" he said "morning haz" "he laughed at the nickname i had given him. after that everybody came down stairs and we all finished eating when i was done i went up to my bedroom and sat their and played games on my laptop after about ten minute harry came in and sat next to me on the bed and started to kiss my neck i giggled and told him "haz im trying to play a game" i said then he stopped and started to play with my hair oh god why was this so god damn perfect?!?

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