I Cant Believe You!

Hayley is a 17 year old girl with a fantasy life-wealth, luxury ,popular but will that change when her dad decides to take the boys of one direction into their home to stay even though hayley despises those five boys find out in~


1. Chapter 1



 i woke up with the bright light shining in my face. I got up and headed straight to the bathroom and took a shower then got dressed in a pair of high-waisted shorts with a pink crop top and my flip-flops. I went to the bathroom again and brushed my teeth and applied my makeup. I skipped down stairs to find my daddy making some pancakes and lemonade i kissed his cheek and said "Good Morning Daddy" "Morning Darling after i finish im going to pick up some people from the airport to stay with us..." "oh really? who?" i asked "i dont think youll like them" he said with a frown "of course ill like them!" " well their the boys of one direction" oh no "oh thats fine i guess but they can not come close to me" i replied "okay okay just be nice?" "fine but ill barely be talking to them" "thats fine" he replied as he finished and walked into the garage and drove off. i went to the table and finished my breakfast it took me awhile to finish but i did and i walked to the living room and started to read a vogue magazine untill daddy came home. When they came home i hugged daddy and then daddy introduced me to them oh brother.. "sweety this is Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall,and Harry. they all shook my hand but Harry held on for a bit longer then the others.... oh god..." well its nice to meet you guys and make yourselfs at home" i said before heading upstairs i went on my bed and took out my laptop and checked twitter not as many tweet as a usually get but its fine. i closed my laptop and their was a knock at my door, i walked over and opened the door oh god harry was standing there checking me out untill i finally said " my eyes are up here" he laughed and snapped out of it and said "sorry my bad i couldnt help it your very beautiful" oh please hes not the first " why thank you and may i help you with something?" i asked "yea i was wondering if you wanted to hang-out as friends today?" your not being serious!! "yea sure" i wish i didnt say that! "okay then darling where'd you like to hang out?" "we could go to the basement we have cool stuff down there" he looked at me with big eyes "you have a basement in this HUGE house?!?" "of course! dosent any house have basement?" i stated "no my mums house dosent..." i laughed and we raced to the basement of course i won cause its my house and i know where it is.. i was waiting for harry to catch up but hating every second of it i know its seems bad to play him on but i had to i couldnt be rude and say no even tho i badly wanted to! "well look who finnally made it" i said and he sat next to me oh man please dont i thought in my head "well i like to take my time babe" kill me please? "you wanna watch a movie?" i asked "that'd be great!" i laughed at his expression it was cute! no! dont think that hayley hes ugly nasty,disgusting! but maybe hes alittle cute... oh god im falling for Harry  Styles... After the movie he walked me to my room and we said our goodbyes "i had a fun time hayley your a really beautiful girl" second time today! but does he mean it? "Thank you Harry and i had a great time too!" there was a silence but a comfortable silence right then he took the chance and kissed me i didnt want to be rude and pull away so i kissed back then he entered his tongue and their was a tension in the air i was getting really turned on by the way he got really close to me i actually was starting to like it.... oh no he placed his hand on my bum as i tangled my hands in his hair i knew we both wanted to go to my room and finish the job but we both pulled away and i went into my room oh my god i fell asleep with harry in my mind.

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