Real World

Exciting MAGICAL things are happening to these 4 roomates.
And it all started with an e-mail from Simon Cowell...
But the thing's not supposed to be a fairytale..
This is the Real World..


5. What Now?!!

Vanessa's P.O.V :

I can't beleive that woman! I tried ringing out the spiked punch out of my hair and clothes as I stomped my way past the guests and over to my car. I carefully set my camera bag down in the trunk of my car. I walked over to the back seat so I could change out of my already ruined clothes. I pulled out my dufflebag and crouched down to look through it. I stopped looking when I noticed that one of my wheels had a boot on it.

I'm going to kill this woman! I can't believe she called the damn....ugh!!!

I quickly pulled out my cell to text Ana the bad news.

'Hey it's gonna take me a while..the damn Bride managed to put a boot on the car.

Do you have any busfare for you all?'

~Nessa <3

'WTF. Why would she do dat fur? nd no we dn't! What now?!!!'

~ Ana xo

'Kay I have money for all of us..I'll come by at around 2:30.

Make sure you're outside by the time I get there.'

~Nessa <3

I climed in the back seat to start changing into my pair of light pink shorts and white v-neck with a black cardigan and my dirty black Toms. Once I finished I threw my clothes in the duffle bag and locked the car and made my way to the nearest bus stop. The next hour and a half would probably be the worst moments of my life..


Gabriela's P.O.V:

"How was that?!" I exclaimed into the mic and pulling down the headphones. "Amazing. Come on out." I set down the headphones on the little stand thing and made my way to the door. I opened it and was greeted with a bunch of 'good job' and pats on the back and hi-5s.

"Now have you all decided what song from the 'Take Me Home' album you girls were going to sing?" Simon asked while stroking his chin again.

"Umm..yeah the song Last First Kiss." I said happily. I remebered Nessa telling us that we sang this song perfectly. I heard a little bing comming from somewhere on the large couch they were all sitting on.

I saw Ana start to fish in her back pocket and pull out her phone and quickly reply back on it. "You guys Nessa had some problems with the car, she'll be here at 2:30. She wanted us outside by the time we're done though." She said reading the text over again.

"Who's Nessa?" Louis asked and jacked Ana's phone. I chuckled a bit at his randomness. "Nessa is our cousin. She was supposed to be here with us, but she had wedding plans."

"Oh, well send her my congradulations please." Liam said while the others looked thrown off. Why does everyone keep thinking that?

"Girls we only have the booth for another half hour, shall we?"

We all stood up from the couch..well, Kim got off of Harry's lap, and made our way back inside the booth again. The music soon started after we gave them the thumbs up, and I started bobbing my head along to the strum of the guitar and I started singing Liam's part...


Ana's P.O.V :

'Hey I'm oustide. Hurry cause I really don't wanna go in there.'

~ Nessa <3

"Guys Nessa's outside we gotta go. Thank you so much Simon and guys."

"Tell her to come on up! I would like to meet the 4th member afterall." Simon said putting his hand on Liam's shoulder.

"Uhh..she said she didn't want to come inside."

"Well then we'll go down to see her. Come on then lads." He said motioning us to follow.

'Nessa we're comming right now. Including Simon and 1D..sorry.'

~ Ana xo

'What?!!!! Tell them to stop!! I look like utter shit!! No sarcasm or exaggeration!'

~Nessa <3

What does she mean by that? I decided not to text back seeing as we were on the main floor and heading out right now. "Where is she?..Nessa!" Kim yelled out. Soon enough Nessa came out from hiding behind a shrub...covered in muck.

"Oh my God!! What happened to you?!" I gasped as we quickly ran over to her, while the men stayed put.

"It's a long story, can we just go!" She said trying to wipe the bird poop off of her face and head.

"Well Simon is right there and he wanted to meet you. Just tell him whatever it was that happened and we'll see..Okay?" She took a deep breath and hung her head low while she dragged herself over to them.

"And this is Vanessa?" Simon asked wide eyed while the boys all backed up a little, except Liam. He kept standing there and staring at her looking shocked. Probably too shocked to move. "Care to explain?"

I heard her take a deep breath and begin to look up to face him, "Uhh..well when I was at the wedd-" She began before Louis cut her off.

"You got married in that?!"

"What?!!" She looked to him and made an 'are you kidding me' face. "Look Mr. Cowell I'm sorry for my appearance...I-I... I'm sorry I can't do this." And with that she ran in the other direction.

"Girls go catch up to her." I said, and with that they all ran to her. "I'm sorry for her. I honestly don't know what happened."

"No need to appologize. You might want to go make sure she's okay. I will have my assistant send you another e-mail for our next meeting."

" a-are you saying.."

"Yes. We would love to have you three be the newest addition to the Simco family."

The boys started to cheer and I couldn't help but smile as they engulfed me in a huge group hug. Oh wow..this is..amazing. The three of...woah wait..

"Wait. What about Vanessa?" I said shoving the boys away from me so I could here.

"I'm sorry, but you three are perfect, and from what I saw already shows that your friend doesn't do well with pressure. We will see you girls later, and congradulations."

He's got to be kidding me?! Doesn't do well with pressure! What a joke!!

I frantically ran to go catch up with the others who were waiting by the bus stop. Okay when should I tell them..not now obviously.

"hey guys you want a movie night? I said staring out at the street.

"Yeah sound like fun." Nessa said staring at her lap and picking at her chipped nails. Soon the bus pulled up and we all piled in after Nessa. She kept recieving a bunch of nasty glares from all the passengers. She kept her head high as she walked down the isle towards the back of the bus...And Simon says she can't cope with pressure...dumbass.


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