Real World

Exciting MAGICAL things are happening to these 4 roomates.
And it all started with an e-mail from Simon Cowell...
But the thing's not supposed to be a fairytale..
This is the Real World..


6. Plan..plan..What's the Plan?

Ana's P.O.V :

We were all sitting in the living room watching Nessa's favorite movie The Lion King. The girls were singing their assigned parts from the song Hakuna Matata. Nessa just started singing the grown up Simba part. She sang every note perfectly, and the faces she does makes it funny. I can't believe Simon wouldn't want her. I still hadn't told them all what Simon told me. On the plus side we were going to be famous and doing something we all loved, but Nessa wouldn't. This freaking sucks!! Maybe we could prove Simon wrong..but how would we do that?!

I let out a grunt in frustration. This was all just too hard. If anything I don't do well under pressure..

I heard the music from the movie immediately stop, "Hey what's wrong?" I looked up to see the girls looking at me. "Okay I need to tell you guys something, there's good news and bad news."

"Shit..just say it. Unless someone passed away, I don't think it would be that bad." Nessa said stuffing her face with popcorn.

"Okay, well when Nessa ran away, Simon told me that we could possibly be the newest addition to the label.." I took a deep breath to continue but was interrupted by Kim starting to jump around screaming while Gaby just sat there with her eyes wide and mouth hanging open.

"Kim! Shut up!" Nessa said laughing and threw a pillow at her face, making her sit down. She turned her attention back at me and took a deep sigh, "But...."

"But he didn't want you to be apart of it. I'm really sorry Nessa."

The girls started freaking out and came over by her side to comfort her. "Why wouldn't he like her? He saw how good we all were in the video?" "It's because she looked horrid today wasn't it?!"

"Guys, calm down. Honestly it's fine! Give me my space..You're too close." She started breathing heavily and shoved the girls out of her way. We all took our places back on the couch as we waited for her breathing to calm down..

"I'm fine with the job I have now, I never complained. I always loved photography, and just because you guys have the chance to become pop stars and I don't, well it doesn't mean that I love my job any less."

"Are you sure? I mean we could try changing his mind?"

"Yeah yeah! If we change his mind then you'll be with us touring. You don't have to worry about booking with Bridezillas anymore." Gay said.

We waited a few moments while she at the looking at her empty bowl thinking..

"Fine, but if we do then we have to do it where he realizes it himself, cause if you just tell him then he might get annoyed and drop the whole thing."

"Okay so what's the plan?" Kim asked grabbing a pillow and moving closer to us.

"When was your guys' next meeting?"

"On Friday at 8 in the morning."

"Okay 2 days from now. I'll come up with something. I'ma go to bed though I'm pretty tired from today. Night guys."

We all said goodnight as she walked upstairs. We continued to watch movies, but I couldn't pay attention. My mind kept wandering around, and thinking about how we were going to change Simon's mind..


Vanessa's P.O.V :

I layed down in bed and stared at the ceiling. It was a pretty good idea. I'm kinda bumbed how Simon didn't like me, and even worse..was that I made a crappy first impression infront of the boys.

How would we change his mind?.. Okay..well I have to drop off and pick up the girls..Maybe they could forget something and I could bring it up..

Nah they would have someone bring it to them... Well maybe I could go up so I could appologize formally..yea that's good.., but I don't think they would let me go up..

Well one thing's forsure. I have to look my best.

Ughhh..okay sart from scratch..

Hmmm..well Kim has Harry's number soo.....she could text him to meet us downstairs. Or maybe I could show the boys that I don't always look that terrible, and I can handle pressure.

Yeah I like that idea better...The boys all loved the girls, I guess we could have a movie night at our place or somethng..

"Whatever I'm over it for now." I yawned and soon fell asleep...                                                                                                      

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