Real World

Exciting MAGICAL things are happening to these 4 roomates.
And it all started with an e-mail from Simon Cowell...
But the thing's not supposed to be a fairytale..
This is the Real World..


4. Oh...My...

Kim's P.O.V :

Wow that actually wasn't as bad as I thought! Or maybe I was too hyper..oh God..I was too hyper!! They're probably not going to sign us now because of me. It's all my fault.

"Guys I'm sorry!" I said as soon as the old people left the room.

"What are you talking about?" Ana whispered.

"I think I was too hyper. Did I come off too strong?"

"No you did fine. Anyways I' pretty sure Simon would be used to it seeing as he had to deal with that Lewis kid from One Direction."

I mentally facepalmed myself, "It's Louis Ana, I swear 2 years of being a fan and you still can't pronounce his name right!"

"I'm a fan of their music, not really them. They seem cool, I just hate all the fame they get just because they're gorgeous. And I don't like how the 'fans' only talk about how sexy they are, and how they wish they could hook up with them. It's disgusting. If that is the only way that these girls see these boys, then there is something not right with them."

"Yeah yeah yeah.."I mumbled and soon heard the click from the door. We all instantly straightened out as they all walked through.

"Alright..well to be honest with you girls.." Oh God..he really did hate us. I'm sooo sorry! "We all loved you."

I let out a girlish screech and everyone snapped their heads at my direction, "Sorry" I mumbled as I hung my head low.

I heard Simon chuckle and say, "It's alright. Now if you'll all follow me this way. We've got a couple more tasks at hand."

We all got up and filed out of the room and followed Simon and 1 dude to the elevators. "Umm excuse me Mr.Cowell, but what more do we need to do?"

"Please Ana call me Simon, and we're going down to the studio to test your voices. Is that alright with you?"

We all said 'yeah' simultaneously which made him chuckle a bit. Soon enough we made it down to the 2nd level and into the recording studio where I heard someone playing One Direction's song Live While We're Young. I walked in first seeing a long black leather couch on our left. Past it was a little table. There was a long glass window along the wall across from us, but there was a glare from the lights, so I couldn't see through it. There was a guy sitting on a chair infront of the window messing with a bunch of buttons and keys. On my right were 2 singles black theather seats with a glass table between them. I could see the door in the far corner..I guess to enter/exit to the booth.

I started to bobb my head and move along to the music as Simon signaled for us to sit on the long black couch near us.

The song soon finished and the guy near the buttons thingy said 'good job'. I quickly looked at the girls and over to the door in the corner. I felt my palms start to sweat a little as I waited for that door to open.

"Oh my God..guys you don't think..." I whispered over to the girls, but soon enough the door opened and I couldn't find myself to say anything else, or even close my mouth. I saw a head of curls appear, with a slightly bald head following. I think I just died...

"Kim..Kim.."I heard Gabby say from my right, and I came back to reality from her pinching my side.

"Oww!" I looked over to her as she tried to look innocent, but had a small grin on her face as she stood up.

"We're even now."She whispered once I got up.

"Boys, this is Ana, Gabriela, and Kim." I quickly wiped my hands on my pastel blue skinnys..ready to shake their hands.

I heard them all say their hello's and I almost pissed myself right there and then. I had to hold myself from lunging at Harry when called me gorgeous and shot me a wink. Oh god his dimples...

"Girls, just like the interview, we will test you all individually, then all together to see your vocals and harmony. Once we're done if you would all like, then we will record you with the boys."

Okay, if I wasn't dead before..then I'm definately dead now!...

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