Real World

Exciting MAGICAL things are happening to these 4 roomates.
And it all started with an e-mail from Simon Cowell...
But the thing's not supposed to be a fairytale..
This is the Real World..


7. I Feel Akward..

Kim's P.O.V :

I woke up to the smell of banana pankackes...Vanessa must be cooking today..

I got up and quickly stratched and heard my joint op, then made my way to the bathroom connected to my and Gaby's room. Something about knowing that your life is changing,..I don't know, but it's like your eyes have opened and now all you see is beautiful. My once crappy bathroom is now beautiful....hah okay I'm weird...

I finished all my business quickly and went down the hall to the kitchen where I was greeted with a plate stacked with pancakes.

"Morning guys, so what are we doing today?"

"Well Nessa came up with an idea how we could change Simon's mind, but we need your help." Ana said as she sat down with her plate of food. I looked across from me at the head of the table to see Nessa with a small grin on her face.

"Whhaaat exactly do you want?.." I said squinting my eye and peircing my lip. I'm not sure I'm gonna like this plan.

"We need you to text Harry to make plans for us all to hang out, that way they can see that Nessa isn't bad." Gaby piped in.

"Oh okay then! Where do you guys wanna go?" I said pulling out my phone and going to my messages and hitting the reply button.

'Morning Harry xo'

"I don't know we could have like a movie night, or go to the beach, or a picnick at the park..we have no clue." Nessa said.

My phone vibrated soon vibrated and made a weird noise on the table.

"Damn..that was fast.." Gaby laughed elbowing my left arm.

"Shut up.." I mumbled now embarassed.

'Morning gorgeous xox'

'Do you and the boys want to hang out today?'

'Sure! Where to?'

' idea. Haha'

'Ha well okay then. The beach sound o.k?'

'Sounds great! Wanna meet @ the Starbucks near the studio @ 11?'

'No problem. I'll tell the lads. See you there ;) xox'

'Same here ;p xo'

I quickly put my cell down and looked up to see the girls making kissy faces and smirking at me.

"Whatever guys..It's not like that." I mumbled and started eating my food. "Oh aand we're going to the beach and meeting them at the Starbucks around 11."

"Might as well get ready once we finish eating. How did yesterday go for you guys anyways?..You never got into the details." Nessa asked biting into her creamcheese & jalapeno sandwich.

"Well pretty good for Kim over there." Ana said chuckling a bit, "The boys are actually pretty cool. I can see why girls are going crazy over them."

"I bet. Do you guys like any of know." Nessa said while waggling her eyebrows and doing that weir duck thing with her lips.

I stayed quiet while Gaby laughed nervously and tried to cover it up with a cough. "I saw that Gaby.." I teased.

"Y-yeah I kinda like Niall. Well even more now that we kinda talked. I love his laugh." aww...

"Okay time to get ready guys." Nessa said getting up and put her dishes in the sink. "I cooked so I'm not doing the dishes!"

"Not it!" I yelled and quickly ran out of the  kitchen. I heard Ana say it and ran after me..ahaha Gaby..


Girls' Outfits: ( to starbucks, swimwear, {same clothes after beach})


Light pink hi-low skirt

Floral printed 1D logo white flowy cropped tank top

White flats

Hair (before): Bun w/bumped bangs

Makeup (waterproof)(before & after): winged eyeliner & white highlite on inner corner of eyes


pink and white sailor striped 2 peice

white flip flops



Black high-waist shorts

cropped minnie mouse tank top

Black TOMS

Hair (before & after): side fishtail

Makeup; None


solid purple 2 peice

white flip flops

white sheer (see through) beach skirt



Blue acid wash button up shirt

White v-neck

Black high-waist shorts

White TOMS

Hair (before): Ponytail w/bumped bangs

Makeup (waterproof)(before & after): winged eyeliner


pink ruffled top & pink bottoms

pink/bamboo flip flops



Black low cut shorts

red & white (vertical striped) sheer button up

red vans

Hair: Naturally let down

Makeup (after): winged eyeliner


Bob Marley color 2 peice

Green flip flops


Vanessa's P.O.V :

I grabbed my keys and locked the door behind us as the girls piled into the car. I checked my white digital watch saying it was 10:37 am. I put on my Rays (shades) as I jogged over to the left side of the car and hopped into the driver's side. I put the key into the ignition and Kim turned on the radio as I started the car. I eased my way out of the parking lot and out on the road to Starbucks.

"Nessa where's your Bridgit Mendler CD?"

"It's in the glove compartment." I heard her rummage around for it and heard her push a couple of buttons on the radio. The song Ready or Not came blasting through the speakers just as we came at a red light. I rolled all the windows down wanting to feel the warmth of the Cali sun.

"Hey how long was Simon and the boys going to be here anyways?" I said lowering down the volume.

"Oh 1 week I think. They go back to London for the rest of their break."

"Oh alright, well here we are." I said as I saw the coffe shop's logo sign 1 stop light away from us. The light went green and I drove to the cafe shop. "Do you guys see them anywhere?"

"Oh yeah! That's Harry's car over there! Park next to it!"

"Owww okay Kim!..No need to blow out my eardrums."

I quickly parked the car and turned off the radio. The girls had already gotten out and went inside. Seeing as the boys weren't in the car or outside at the tables. I took a moment to roll up the windows and turn the ignition off. I got out and brought my purse with me. I locked the car door and slowly headed inside.

I took slow deep breaths as I got closer to seeing the boys. I do hope they like me..

I opened the door and I was shot with the rush of the air vent does whenever there was a customer. I quickly put my hands over my eyes to block it from hitting my face. I don't know why, but everytime I go through these things I feel like I can't breath.

I looked around to see that there weren't that many people here. My eyes soon landed on the group to my left. They were all sitting on one of the long couches. Theye were all too busy talking to eachother to even notice that I walked in.

"Might as well get some tea.." I mumbled to myself and walked up to go order. I saw a really familiar face behind the bar, and came to see that it was one of my best friends from highschool! "Hey Crystal!! I didn't know you worked here. I thought you hated the smell of coffee." I laughed as she reached over to give me a hug.

"Yeah I know, but I needed a job. It's not so bad actually. So how have you been?"

"Pretty good. Yesterday was the worst day of my life though! I came back from a wedding where the bride threw a bunch of drinks at me. Then on the way to go pick up my roomies a bunch of pigeons took a dump on me, and to top it off, a car spashed a bunch of mud on me."

"Woow..that sucks." She said trying to hide her laugh.

"Thanks.."I playfully rolled my eyes, "So can I get a venti passion tea."

"Yeah sure. On me."

"Thanks Boo-Bear!"

I gave her a quick hug and moved over to where you pick up your order and waited. I looked over at the girls to see that they were flirting up a storm. I could see that the boys were all wearing disguises.

"Umm excuse me miss.." I looked up to see a pretty tall guy standing infront of me. Well I'm pretty short, so everything is taller than me.. I could see that he was wearing a purple hoodie with the hood partially covering his face. He sorta looked familiar, but his face was covered with ray bans. And it made it a little harder seeing as I was wearing some also.

"Umm..yes?" I said backing away a little bit. He was standing a little close for my liking. He slowly took off his shades and smiled at me..

Oh my God that smile....Liam?..

"Oh umm..I think you dropped this." He said showing me a cute but nervous smile and then handing me a napkin. "I really hope you call." Then he quickly walked off back to the boys.

Ummmm..weird. I unfolded the napkin to see his phone number.

No way!! Wait..he doesn't know who I am..Good!

Aww man....well he's gonna find out now..

I took my order and walked over to where they were. I saw Liam talking to who I was assuming was Zayn, and I couldn't help but smile.

All of a sudden Louis jumped up infront of me making me smack against his chest. "Hi!" He said with a giant grin.

"H-hi?" I studdered backing away. Again too close. "Can I help you?"

"NO..I just like your shirt. And so does my friend over here." He said pointing over at Liam who started to blush.

"Oh well thanks you guys." I said and brought my cup up to my lips and sipped at my drink. "Oh were you guys gonna order something or are we gonna head out now?" I said looking over at them all.

I brought my cup up back to my face to try and hide the smile taking over. The boys looked so confused.

"Nah..let's just go now I guess. We were waiting on you." kim said standing up bringing Harry with her.

"W-wait so you're Vanessa?" Liam asked as his eyes went wide.

I started to laugh akwardly as they all stood up and kept staring at me, "Y-yeah..nice to properly meet you guys." I said handing out my hand for him to shake.

He gladly took it, along with the other boys as well.

"Well then let's go to the beach!" I quietly exclaimed and walked out to the car with the others following. I could faintly hear the guys whisper a bunch of stuff, but I couldn't really make any of it out.

And so it begins...




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