Real World

Exciting MAGICAL things are happening to these 4 roomates.
And it all started with an e-mail from Simon Cowell...
But the thing's not supposed to be a fairytale..
This is the Real World..


8. I feel Akward pt 2

Liam's P.O.V :

"How much longer?!! Hazza!"

I looked over to Harry on my left. He didn't even bother to look up from his phone as we waited for the girls to show up.

"Harry, Lou is talking to you." I said nudging him.

"Oh...what?" He said barley looking up and continued to mess with his phone.

"I said how much longer till' they get here!"

"Lou calm down yeah, it's only been 2 minutes since we've been here."

My head instantly snapped in the direction that the vent had made that weird noise. "Here they are." I said getting up to greet them.

Wow. They all looked beautiful..

I loved how they had their own style. I was what had attracted us all from their video. We just knew that they would stay humble and down to earth once the time comes. I just feel terrible for the whole Vanessa incident..

"Hi-a Liam!" Kim chirped as she ignored my handshake and pulled me in for a hug. I was a little struck by her action but soon pulled away to say hi to the others. "Hey" Ana said as she gave me a side hug, and as did Gabriela.

"Are you girls going to order anything?"

"Nah we're fine. I'm in the mood for soda, not coffee." Gaby chuckled as she sat down by Niall. I couldn't help put notice that they gave each other a small shy smile and quickly looked in opposite directions. Probably trying to hide a blush.

"So is that Vanessa girl coming too?" Niall asked.

"Yeah I guess she was right behind us.." Kim trailed off and leaned into Harry's side. Oh great now we have to deal with this also?

"You girls look amazing." I said looking over at them. I heard Zayn cough a bit and look over at me. I could see him give me that 'look'. I plainly shook my head, mentally telling him 'I'm not going to say it.'

"You guys look nice too, well as far as looking like you're hiding from the police goes." Ana said looking over in confusion at what we were wearing at the moment.

We were all in disguise. Trying to stay a secret from the fans.

They had all branched out into their own conversations, but my attention was drawn to the door. The vent had just blown a gust of air as a flawless petite girl came walking in. The air had made her pink long skirt flip in all directions and I watched as she tried to cover her face from the air pressure. I couldn't help but stare at her beauty as she looked around the place. Her gaze landing in our direction, but then looking a bit disappointed. I could feel my heart sink a bit from seeing her frown, but she looked beautiful nonetheless. My gaze followed every step she took as she gracefully walked away and greeted the girl at the register.

"Oi, mate you wanna stop drooling?" Zayn said taking me out of my trance.

"'s just that girl over there." I said nodding my head in her direction. I couldn't even bring my hand up to point. I felt like I had no muscle what so ever...I felt like Jell-O.

" I can see. She's a real fitty. Go talk to her then."

"What do I say?"

"Here," He reached around and grabbed a napkin and scribbled on it before giving it to me. "Say something cheeky, then give it to her."

I looked up at him in confusion, "What.."  began unfolding it to see that it had my number written on it. "Oh...okay then. Thanks mate." I slowly got up from my seat and made my way over to her. She had just said 'thanks Boo-Bear' to the girl at the register and walked away.

I was instantly hit with her sweet fragrance, and couldn't help but melt a little.

I took a deep breath and walked closer to her, "Umm...excuse me miss..." I said my voice shaking a bit. Why am I so nervous. I've never been this nervous about a girl before. Not even when I asked HER out about 22 times...

She had quickly looked up at me. Oh if only I could see her eyes..

"Umm...yeas?" She said backing away a little. Her voice is so intoxicating..

Come on Liam Say something! You're probably coming off as a freak..

I slowly took off my shades to get a better look and to seem more friendly. I flashed a small smile at her to say 'I meant no harm.' I saw her eyes quickly looked over me as if she were checking me out...or scanning me. I saw that her eyes went wide a bit. I looked down at her shirt to see that she was wearing our logo.

Oh I hope she doesn't scream...

"Oh umm...I think you've dropped this." I said and smiled but I could feel it falter a bit from my being nervous. I handed her the napkin with my number on it which she took, "I hope you call."

I felt like I was going to faint. I quickly walked back to the group before I could even see her reaction.

"Hey so what happened then?" Zayn asked as soon as I sat back down.

"She's..." I took a moment to find the right words to say, "breathtaking." I said letting a sigh of relief.

"Oooh here she comes!" Louis sang.

"Lou don't you dare!"

"Oh hey-" Kim began, but was cut off with Louis jumping up in front of the poor girl, and almost trampling her. She must be pretty strong seeing as she didn't even budge.

"Hi!" he said with a massive grin. Ughh kill me now. I put my head in my palms in embarrassment as he kept talking to her.

"H-hi? Can I help You?"

"NO..I just like your shirt. And so does my friend over here." He said. I looked up to see him pointing at me. She was looking over at me with a small smile. I felt my cheeks start to heat up, so I quickly looked back down.

"Oh well thank you guys." She said. I maybe I should go talk to her..looked up back at her. It looked like she was blushing..

"Oh were you guys gonna order or are we gonna head out now?" she said looking over at the girls.

What?...does she know them?...Oh...Oh no...

"Nah..let's just go now I guess. We were waiting on you." Kim said getting up and dragging Harry along with her.

I-it really is her...

"W-wait so you're Vanessa?" I asked. My mouth still ajar and m eyes bugging out.

She laughed shortly before sticking out her hand, "Y-yeah. Nice to properly meet you guys." I went to go shake her hand. Her hands are so soft. I pulled away as the other boys went to greet her as well.

"Well then let's go to the beach!" She perked and quickly walked out with the girls following.

"She cleans up nicely then.." Harry whispered.

"She's really fit." Niall Chimed in, making me glare at him.

I don't want him, or any of them going after her.

"Yeah..I'll say. Nice looking Liam." Zayn said patting me on the back.

"I still can't believe it." I said.

"Kay guys..I'll lead the way." Vanessa said. I looked up at her to see that she was talking to Louis. We all nodded and the girls piled into their car. I walked towards the door behind the driver's seat. I looked back at her to see that she smiled over at me.

She has dimples. How perfect can she be?....



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